Top 5 Urinal Troughs in the SEC

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Top 5 Urinal Troughs in the SEC

If you"re a man and use the men"s restroom at college football games you know all about the urinal trough. It"s where we stand, pretending like we are cattle or horses or other livestock eating, but we relieve ourselves of the pressure our urinary …
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The Top 5 States Most Likely to Expand Medicaid Next

Sept. 02 –Last week"s news that Pennsylvania , one of the biggest remaining Republican holdouts, was expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act with some — but far from all — of its requested conservative changes is prompting questions about …
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Top 5 Must-See Games on the Philadelphia Flyers" 2014-15 Schedule

Preseason action for the Philadelphia Flyers begins in less than three weeks, with the regular season set to commence a mere two weeks after that. Hopes are high for a Flyers squad that finished third in the tightly contested Metropolitan Division a …
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Top 5 Urinal Troughs in the SEC

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