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Ranking the new attacks of the top five Premier League clubs: New Arsenal and

This summer all five of the Premier League"s biggest clubs strengthened their front lines. Whether it be through injury or selling replacing a departed player, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United all sought to make additions. Manchester City …
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UK Top 50 in five years" time: a ranking with a shelf-life?

As we consider the financial results for 2013-14 it is easy to assume that the picture is rosier for the UK"s largest law firms. Revenue and profits are generally on the rise and firms have adjusted and reshaped to a more competitive market. So what"s …
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Celebrity scandals: The top five X-rated leaks

So you have seen the latest NSFW celebrity photos – shots of stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, which were leaked in an alleged hack attack. Here are five of the most famous, or infamous, X-rated celebrity scandals. 1. The Edison Chen sex photo scandal.
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Lastest Top Five News

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