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COOL CHALLENGE. Posted: Tuesday, Sep 2nd, 2014. By Mother Georgia DuBose Special to the Siuslaw News. St. Andrew"s Episcopal Church Vicar Georgia DuBose and Clare Hawkins are drenched with ice water by Ernie Doud and Jo M"Gonigle as part …
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Drat It: A perfect spot for more really cool old stuff

When I was starting out on my own, of course, my house was completely furnished with old stuff, some of which was the exact opposite of really cool and all of which was really inexpensive. My husband and I have managed to upgrade most of the furniture …
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Aaay: "Fonzie Fetus" gives cool thumbs-up in ultrasound image

This ultrasound image was posted to Reddit and shows the fetus giving a thumbs-up. (Credit: Reddit). An ultrasound is one way to get the “all good” from your doctor. But how often do expecting parents get the thumbs up from their baby? An ultrasound …

Hot August ends on cool note

Despite some cool spells, August was slightly warmer than normal with an average temperature of 77 degrees, a mark 2.7 degrees above normal. High temperatures averaged about 90 degrees, about 2 degrees above normal and nighttime lows averaged …
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