An Entertaining and Brief 'Detour' Down a Dark Highway

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An Entertaining and Brief "Detour" Down a Dark Highway

After watching (and writing about) Out of the Past earlier this week, I had an itch to watch a little more film noir. So, last night, before bed, I started doing a little searching and decided on Edgar G. Ulmer"s 67-minute feature Detour starring Tom …

The Most Entertaining Part of College Football Week 1: USC and Josh Shaw

As the college football season kicks off, I could spend some time pointing out the most entertaining and intriguing Week 1 match-ups to get the season rolling: Texas A&M-South Carolina on the newly-formed SEC network (which was actually a dud last …
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Sangria, roasted peppers make entertaining easy

When it comes to summer entertaining, it"s not hard to impress. But it"s easy to get yourself in over your head trying to do so. Which is why I have a few rules about summer gatherings. About all entertaining, actually. But this menu is better suited …
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An Entertaining and Brief 'Detour' Down a Dark Highway

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