A Phenomenal Fauna Reviews

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A Phenomenal Fauna

  • You can search special words preciously.
  • Go ahead to the author"s blog.
  • Know of much more basic information about the publishing of this book.
  • Readers can obtain the contact information about this book and author.
  • When flip you can hear the flipping sound meanwhile, also you can shut it down.
  • Every page has its small thumbnail which is listed bottom horizontally on the buttons "Previous" and "Next" or only leftward or rightward arrows.
  • If you embed background audio file for the page, when flip it, you can read and listen.
  • Click previous and next button to flip page.
  • Full Screen: Slight click the center of screen to view in full screen.
  • Press and slide corner to flip page.

List Price: $ 0.99

Price: $ 0.99

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A Phenomenal Fauna Reviews

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