Watch John Oliver's Hilarious Take on the Gender Pay Gap

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Watch John Oliver"s Hilarious Take on the Gender Pay Gap

John Oliver"s on a roll these days. After his spot-on critique of the situation in Ferguson in Sunday"s episode, he eviscerated all the excuses given for gender pay gap, and the insanity about nitpicking over whether the gap was 77 cents or 88 cents or …
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Prankster pals had covered every surface with the sticky yellow tags – including the walls, sofa, TV and even inside of the kitchen cupboards and washing machine. Jamie, 34, and Emily, 29, could have gone postal when they walked through the front door …

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At least that"s the theme in his latest commercials, which are very hilarious. Two girls walk into a gas station and just want some Gatorade, but the clerk will not sell it to them because they are not currently sweating. After complaining, the clerk …
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Watch John Oliver's Hilarious Take on the Gender Pay Gap

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