The Week's Most Interesting Reads

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The Week"s Most Interesting Reads

The case for restraint. William Ruger reviews Barry Posen"s Restraint for the current issue of TAC. Keeping the threat from ISIS in perspective. Paul Pillar urges Americans not to exaggerate the threat. Iraq, Obama, and the future of war powers. Robert …
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Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys: 10 Most Interesting Players to Watch

The preseason is one of the most interesting times of the year for teams because so many guys are fighting for just a few roster spots, and then you have guys stepping up that could comprise a practice squad and develop on your team. Then again, I"m …
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Zimbabwe"s McNulty has struck up an interesting hobby, photographing wildlife

Raised on a farm in the Centenary area of Zimbabwe, Mark McNulty was “pretty much brought up with a weapon in my hands.” As a kid, he admits to taking aim at virtually “anything that moved. Guinea fowl. Impalas. “Now,” says the 60-year-old, eight-time …
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Uniontown native experiences interesting work in Europe

Chelsea Thomas, a Uniontown native, pictured in her parents home on a recent visit, lives in France and works with the European Cardiology Society to organize international conferences. Buy this photo · Chelsea Thomas and Magnus Scheving. Daniele …
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The Week's Most Interesting Reads

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