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11 Of The Most Hilarious Product Reviews On Amazon

If you"re a big Amazon shopper, you"ve likely spent some time poking through the reviews before you make a big purchase. Generally, the advice and warnings people leave are helpful. But sometimes it"s just hilarious. We found this Quora thread of the …
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Hilarious P.T. reaction video shows those pants-soiling scares

Reaction videos are among the best parts of any horror game. Put someone alone in a dark room, give them a terrifying game, turn a camera on them and let the fun begin. P.T., the terrifying interactive teaser for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro"s …
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Downton Abbey Cast Responds to Water Bottle Error: Hilarious Picture

Downton Abbey cast The Downton Abbey cast responded to the show"s press picture water bottle blunder with a hilarious photo via Instagram on Friday, Aug. 15 Credit: Courtesy Downton Abbey. Cheeky cast! The stars of Downton Abbey poked fun of …
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Lastest Hilarious News

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