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Jones: "We have a lot of crazy people in Congress"

U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones is greeted by Stephanie Duncan, left, executive director of the Havelock Chamber of Commerce during the Federal Update Luncheon sponsored by the Havelock Chamber of Commerce on Thursday at the Havelock Tourist and …
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Crazy CIA spy tech from the "50s, "60s, and "70s

Before Festo developed its realistic flight dragonfly robot in the last couple of years, the CIA was across that business in the "70s. The Dragonfly Insectothopter, developed by the agency"s R&D department, wasn"t designed to resemble a dragonfly for …
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Crazy Horse Memorial hosts its Labor Day Open House

It"s that time of year again for one of the biggest days out at Crazy Horse, bringing in thousands of people from all over the world to check out the memorial for free. It"s been a steady tourist season at Crazy Horse Memorial this year, and officials …
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Americans for Prosperity"s Defending the Dream…

Political rhetoric on both sides has the potential to get out of hand and send speakers down the rabbit hole of sounding crazy Throwing red meat is fantastic if you want to whip up the base, but if you"re trying to gain some converts, not so much. At …
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Lastest Crazy News

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