Cool holiday cottages in Donegal, Ireland

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Cool holiday cottages in Donegal, Ireland

In the heart of the Gaeltacht, this 18th-century land agent"s house sits proudly by the sea. Inside, the blue-and-white kitchen and simple bedrooms speak of comfort and shelter. Its history is less benevolent: the land agent who lived here during the …
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Has Uber Cool Become Uber Cunning?

In the same week Uber, the ride-sharing app platform and Lyft"s arch rival, seduced David Plouffe, President Obama"s former campaign manager and White House adviser, to mastermind its campaign to spread Uber"s cool to every corner of the car-riding …
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Utah weekend forecast: Cool temperatures and a chance of rain

Get out your sweaters: Utah is having a cool Saturday, with highs in the 60s and 70s along the Wasatch Front and snow that fell overnight capping the mountains. The National Weather Service is predicting Saturday highs in the mid 70s in Wendover; the …
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Cool holiday cottages in Donegal, Ireland

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