10 Incredible Stats from the PGA Tour in 2014

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10 Incredible Stats from the PGA Tour in 2014

In some sense, all stats from the PGA Tour are incredible to the average golfer. For example, can you wrap your head around swinging your driver an average of 123.5 miles per hour, as Bubba Watson does? Consider the fact that Watson is likely giving …
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MLB teams get incredible Star Wars logos

Major League Baseball teams have been obsessed with Star Wars for quite some time. Artists have become obsessed with reimagining professional sports teams logos as well. So, it was only natural that at some point the two would collide. Artist Mark …
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A story for the birds? The incredible shrinking dinosaur.

The skeletal changes taking place during the 50-million-year dinosaur-to-bird transition were occurring four times faster than for dinosaurs as a whole, a new study says. By Pete Spotts, Staff writer August 1, 2014. close. This undated artist rendering …
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10 Incredible Stats from the PGA Tour in 2014

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