Trick Exhaust Whistle

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Trick Exhaust Whistle

  • Put it in someones exhaust pipe to make a high pitch scream

This classic prank has been around for generations, but it still works today. You simply place this little metal tip on the exhaust pipe of someone"s car. When they drive down the road the tip causes the car to whistle while they are pressing on the gas pedal. The whistle becomes so annoying after a few minutes, but the poor sucker has no idea where it is coming from.

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Connor Burns and his friends, Jordan and Chunk, were content with shooting a small birthday video for Jordan"s crush, Eve Goodwin. But when a Bully, Dax Gaiman, intercedes by messing with their camera and breaking Connor"s nose, Connor decides that they must enact some sort of revenge because they"ve been bullied by Dax for way too long. Connor conceives of a prank that will humiliate Dax but when Dax learns of Connor"s plan, he retaliates by dunking Conner"s face into a public toilet and then uploading the video to the Internet for the world to see. Despite Jordan"s pleas to just let it go, Connor seeks "an eye for an eye" compensation and is more determined than ever make Dax dearly pay for what he has done. But the prank doesn"t go as planned. An unloaded gun turns out to be loaded. Now their friendships are tested and their sanity questioned as they try to find out why the gun was loaded and if the shooting really was an accident.

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*48* SHOCK PEN Gag Gift Novelty Trick Prank Electric Shock Adult Fun Joke
US $86.97
End Date: Saturday Jul-26-2014 14:06:20 PDT
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Trick Exhaust Whistle

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