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TFE Hotels reveals the top ten perfect weekend travel buddies

TFE Hotels has collated the top ten travel buddies to look for — helping to make any minibreak memorable for all the right reasons … 1. Gift of the gab. Pick a friend who can talk their way out of any situation — or into anyone"s circle of friends …

The Top Ten: Invented words

Thanks to Paul Dickson for this collection. His book Authorisms: Words Wrought by Writers has just been published by Bloomsbury. To a word nerd (a word that first appeared in 1950 in Dr Seuss"s If I Ran the Zoo, in which Gerald McGrew wants "a Nerkle, …
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GT: Top Ten Batman Games

Check out this interesting video from Game Trailers depicting their choices for the top ten Batman games. It"s pretty cool line up I gotta say! It make s me want to try the games on the list that I haven"t played.
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Lastest Top Ten News

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