Top 5 Motorcycle Rides In The World

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There are many popular motorcycle rides that one can endure all over the world. That great ride will bring the motorcyclist freedom of riding and flying all at once, at the same time enjoying natures beautiful scenery. What biker wouldn't love a long road trip with many miles, thrills and twists all along the way? Going on a road trip gives an up close and personal connection with many of the places that are passed through while riding. In the last 10 years, riding has become a worldwide event for many and they will travel almost anywhere to turn up the throttle.

The Great Ocean Road In Australia

This event is a one day ride that stretches for approximately 180 miles, everyone is invited to participate if visiting in this beautiful area. While you are on your journey you will enjoy a cool breeze driving from Melbourne to Petersbrough. Make sure that you bring yourself a passenger to witness the shoreline rain forest and view the outstanding surfing beaches.

Pacific Coast Highway In California

Gas up for this stellar ride from San Luis Obispo right into the busy city of San Francisco. During your 200 mile ride you will endure massive cliffs, the raging surf crashing into Big Sur, a thrilling two lane highway to bob and weave and get a breath-taking view of the amazing Redwood Forests.

Fjordland In Norway

You will begin this journey starting off in Bergen and completing the ride in Andalsnes, which is 280 miles of joyful fun. This event takes a different turn and at some point you will ride a ferry or maybe two to get you to your next destination.

Dales And Moors In Yorkshire,England

This one day ride will take you over 270 long scenic miles from Kendal to Whitby. During your ride you will be thrilled with the non-stop sudden bends that just pop up out of nowhere. Next thing you know it you can put your throttle up to full blast on the miles of the long straights. Don't forget to stop in the peaceful village of Whitby for some fishing, you can pick up some fish and chips and drink a pint of the amazing made ale.

The Tunnel Of Trees Road In Michigan

This is a hot spot for bikers across the United States, located between where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet. During your ride, you will see a glimpse of old cabins and drive through an extremely dense forest. While you are driving all you can actually see is a tunnel of trees that go on for miles and miles. This is a dream world for anyone driving on two wheels because it is a very narrow road.

By visiting one of these beautiful outings, the thrill will always to get from point "A" to point "B'. Sometimes that ride will create thrill, adventure and heighten ones enjoyment! You are now in the scene and being present can be very overwhelming.

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Top 5 Motorcycle Rides In The World

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