Malaga Airport Experiences

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I love Spain as it is such a diverse country and the people are usually very nice. I love Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga – each such individual cities. I was lucky to travel to a friend’s place on the beautiful Costa del Sol which meant I flew into Malaga airport. I had a great time and then my return journey began!
I arrive at the airport after a nice relaxing holiday but I am nervous because of the time. I’m running a little late and I know I have to check my luggage as well as finding my way through the customs, immigration and general security checks. Still, I’m sure this will be a breeze.

First of all I look around the Terminal to find a check-in machine. I find it odd that you have to check in using a machine but you still have to line up to drop off your baggage. It just means you have to line up twice and spend more time being bored with the whole procedure. Still, maybe I’m a little prejudiced. I find a machine and punch in the correct data and guess what, it doesn’t work. I look around for help. The people in line behind me sigh and shuffle. Eventually a lady in a uniform comes over and asks what’s wrong. I tell her my woes and she checks the ticket and starts re-entering data. It still doesn’t work. She looks at me strangely but that doesn’t help either of us. How can this be my fault? More sighs and shuffles behind me. She tells me to come with her where she punches in the data into another machine. Guess what, it all works. She hands me back my ticket and passport and now I have a boarding pass too. I just used up forty minutes of my wait time. I wonder what else can go wrong and after glancing again at my phone, I see I only have another forty-five minutes until my flight leaves. Still, Malaga airport is not huge so I can’t get lost. I’m sure I will get to the gate on time. Maybe I can grab a coffee…
Today immigration and customs people all over the world are trained to check you out thoroughly, just in case we are criminals or God forbid, terrorists (there, I’ve said the word). Malaga is no different. I joined a longish line of people to get into the customs hall. First of all we were grilled about any liquids in our hand luggage. I thought I had this down pat but sure enough the lady official picked me to check my hand luggage and came up with a container of shaving cream. This is more than 100ml sir. Really, I say, I truly hadn’t noticed. She gives me her standard lecture and takes away my shaving cream. Now I’m allowed to join the next line where you get to feed your luggage, jacket, shoes and belt through the x-ray machine.
Of course, I had to take out my laptop and iPad and let it go through the x-ray machine. This wasn’t the end of things though, as a customs official wanted to take a closer look and disappears with my devices around a corner. I stand there, and sweat forms on my brow as I consider exactly what I have on my laptop and iPad. What incriminating things could they discover? I thought of a raunchy photo I took of my girlfriend the other week and I am definitely nervous. I wonder if the airport cameras are checking up on me right now. I stand there surrounded by ‘normal’ people who are happily going through these checks with no consequences. Why me? I am dressed casually in a white T-shirt and jeans but so are a few other guys. After ten long minutes the customs officer returns and hands me both devices. Thank you for your patience, he says. I leave the area at a fast pace – not at a run as that would definitely look strange but it was hard not to do so.
No time for coffee, but then I’m too pumped up anyway. I finally arrive at my gate only to discover the aircraft is already boarding but thank goodness I’m still in time! I join the line for boarding and fish out my passport. In no time I’m onboard and looking for my seat. All is well and I’ll be home soon! Next time I come to Malaga, I’ll leave a little earlier to get to the airport on my way back!

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Malaga Airport Experiences

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