Bali: A Small Island Destination That Makes A Grand Vacation

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Bali is a land of sun, adventure, relaxation, incredible scenery, and plenty of things to see and do.  If a vacation is in your future—Bali is an excellent destination to consider.  Full of culture and new experiences, both amateur and experienced travelers will find Bali a place they will remember forever.
Overseas travel is always different than going with the familiar.  Language, culture, and geography always play a role in what to expect.  The best way to create a seamless experience is to familiarize yourself with an area prior to travel.

Bali is a small tropical island located in the Indonesian archipelago.  With close to four million residents, it has been a popular island getaway for years.  It’s idyllic features—sandy beaches, coral reefs, volcanoes, and jungles—appeal to visitors worldwide.  Bali manages to balance itself between luxury and affordability, drawing visitors of all ages and backgrounds.  While some come for the rich culture, art, and history, others come for the lively nightlife, adventure, and dynamic water sports.  The strong tourist trade offer visitors several Bali hotels, villas, and rental housing options, as well as hostels and other options.
Flora and fauna, a varied terrain, coastlines, sparkling water, and other incredible geographic features make Bali a special place.  National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and marine reserves protect the unique and lush scenes that dominate the island.
Travelers can rely on warm weather throughout the year, however, they can expect a rainier monsoon season December through March.  The elevated forested region in the center of the island will see more rain year-round.
Before leaving for Bali, it’s always helpful to check weather reports, international alerts, and familiarize yourself with local customs—the customs can be especially important if you plan to attend a traditional cultural event.
Things to do
Very few people, if any, will lack for something to do in Bali.  The vibrant scene is constantly moving, and activities are available for just about any interest.  Bali has always been a huge draw for those who participate in water sports.  Diving, boating, parasailing, and surfing are just of few of the legendary water activities that draw tourists from around the globe.
For those who prefer drier adventures there are also island explorations like jungle trekking, bird-watching, horseback riding,  cycling, ATVs,  and more.
If the plan is a relaxing vacation, then the cultural events, shopping, beaches, golfing, food, and an abundance of spas are available.  Families won’t be left out with several kid-friendly options like wildlife parks, amusement centers, and family-oriented tours.
Bali is an endless playground, one that can’t be fully discovered in one visit.
Where to stay
Bali hotels fall into many price ranges, and depending on location and what you’re there for, you will find accommodations that fit most travelers.  Bali has a strong sense of luxury and gracious service, and families, individuals, couples, and newlyweds will appreciate the wide selection of resorts.
There are many cities, villages, and towns to choose from, and when you determine what you are looking for in your vacation, you can begin to fine-tune.  Beaches, golfing, or jungle adventures are all a part of the Bali experience, and each destination finds ways to highlight what makes it special.
One thing is certain when you’ve decided to make Bali your vacation destination—you will have a trip that’s unforgettable.

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Bali: A Small Island Destination That Makes A Grand Vacation

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