7 Canines Most Frequently Snapped By Photographers

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Puppies, and sometimes full grown dogs, often make Purina commercials and posters since they inspire us to love someone else in society.  Photographers often take the opportunity to find cute little canines, or even aggressive brutes, to snap award-winning shots that send careers flying upward.  Here we highlight 8 beautiful canines that even the paparazzi have chased throughout time.

Doberman pinscher

A great medium sized dog, and even greater guard dog, the Doberman pinscher is the one that is most likely to bite the mailman or the door to door salesman. The Doberman is very protective of his owner and his property and is unlikely to let trespassers, even those who are not REALLY trespassing, on their property with an attack.  They still make excellent pictorial additions for photographers.

Presa Caniaro

An especially provocative dog, you’d be surprised at the frequency popular magazines have snapped this four-legged buddy. These dogs need to be trained early, or they will be no one’s best friend. These dogs are especially aggressive toward other dogs, especially if they think they are trespassing on their territory. Imagine someone is walking their dog by you house and the two dogs get in a scuffle; if injuries are sustained by the other dog, guess who gets the vet bill? Not the photographer.


Akita’s are very protective of their territory, yet aren’t afraid to pose for the Nikon. There’s even been legislation against domestication of these animals as they can be so dangerous. If bred well and trained properly, the temperament can get out of control. These dogs are definitely seen as a risk to insurance companies, yet viewed as an awesome risk for savvy photographers.


They are seen as dangerous and unfit for domestication by many, but some still keep these dogs around. Some have been trained to keep their temperament under control. However, it’s certain to make your insurance premium go up quite a bit, but one thing’s certain: they make wonderful poster posing material, the reason these photogenic pups often end up in calendars.

Great Danes

Surprisingly, big ‘ol sissies like Great Danes have more pose-worthy gaits than other dogs of comparable size. Their large stature and imposing figure make them look more aggressive than they truly are, which is why photographers love snapping them. They, for that reason, can raise interest quickly upon being discovered by wandering photo snappers.

Siberian Husky

Domestication can become challenging with this breed, yet allowing individuals to take their mug shot isn’t. Their temperament is usually kept under control through extensive and continuous training which keeps them from reverting to the vicious nature of their wild undomesticated ancestors. The husky is very protective of everything it sees as its own. If a husky thinks the yard is his, then you should probably just forget using your huge landscape as their photo prop.


Photographers may want to exercise caution when snapping these loving dogs as, when males are protecting their pregnant female counterparts, they are surprisingly violent. We all think of Dalmatians as being those adorable little dogs with the spot, but we don’t think of their aggression – nor do photographers seeking that prized shot really care. These dogs are extremely aggressive and definitely a liability if mishandled.

In Closing: Dog Rule

Yes, puppies do rule the photographic underworld, making every shot challenging for new or experienced camera handlers.  Remember, never take kind breeds for granted when backed against the wall, and never interpret historically violent breeds as those undeserving of photo spreads.  Enticing puppies to smile for your Nikon is much harder than you’d think; perhaps have an expert pet handler along with you when taking action shots, or sitting still poses. Examine how top puppy photographers capture their canine subjects for inspiration and take note of the elements that make their photos stand out.

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7 Canines Most Frequently Snapped By Photographers

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