5 Must-See Las Vegas Attractions

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Las Vegas is a legendary destination packed full of entertainment options. There are enough events in Vegas to keep a visitor busy for months, but some shows are better than others. These attractions should be on every visitor's to-do list. Unique and entertaining, they make Vegas a city to remember.

1. Fountains of Bellagio

The magnificent choreographed dance of water, lights and music that is the Fountains of Bellagio is a must-see for any Vegas visitor. Luckily, the shows are free. You just have to show up in front of the Bellagio at the right time to see the water dance. Shows run consistently throughout the day and the evening. The Fountains of Bellagio are particularly beautiful at dusk, set against a darkening sky.

2. Raiding the Rock Vault

Raiding the Rock Vault takes you through the history classic rock. You’ll start in the 60s, and through the power of music, you’ll travel through time to the 1980s. The show is perfect for people who want to reminisce about their younger years, but it’s just as exciting for those who didn’t live through the musical history. The band is made up of members of classic rock bands, such as Heart and Guns n Roses. To keep the rock star theme going, stay at the Hard Rock hotel after the show. It’s the only hotel in Vegas that actually treats you like a rock star. The Hard Rock hotel takes its name seriously and gives you an authentic rock star experience.

3. Absinthe

Absinthe is a quirky, curious extravaganza that takes place in a deceptively simply white tent out front of Caesars Palace. The show combines the traditional acrobatic feats with which Vegas is so familiar with a cabaret-style variety show. Impressive stunts will stun the audience, who are seated up-close for the show. This show is for adults only, so be prepared for some bawdy humor. Included in the antics are the Green Fairy doing a burlesque-style dance and men taking shots of whiskey before hopping on a tightrope.

4. Battlefield Vegas

This may be your only chance to shoot a machine gun; take it. Battlefield Vegas is a huge shooting range equipped with tons of U.S. and foreign weapons to choose from. It is a safe and exciting place to get to do the things you have only seen in video games. The weapons have historical value as well: Some of the firearms were used all the way back in World War I. To make the experience authentic, Battlefield Vegas will send a Humvee to pick you up from your hotel.

5. Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys, the critically acclaimed musical about the 60s rock group The Four Seasons, is requisite for Vegas visitors. The Broadway hit, which won a Tony award for Best Musical in 2006, is performed with gusto in Sin City. See the show to sing along to the songs you know, such as “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Don’t worry about getting a bad seat; the venue is styled so that any seat provides a good view of the stage.
Vegas is jam-packed with attractions. To make the best of your time spent there, only check out the most essential shows. You’ll see things you never seen before and get to live a life you’ve only dreamed of. Treat yourself right, and plan your trip to include everything on this list.

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5 Must-See Las Vegas Attractions

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