Why Batman Is Better Than Superman

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It’s a comparison that has been hotly contested for quite some time. Some say that you shouldn’t even compare Batman and Superman, demanding that they are left alone as entirely different entities - heroes that should be judged on their individual merits. However, ever since the Batman vs Superman blockbuster was announced it’s become increasingly hard to dodge the “who will win” question.

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Batman Sitting On The WallYou can sense the Superman devotees piping up and becoming restless but unfortunately it’s the unwritten truth – Batman is better than Superman. Superman draws comparisons to Manchester United Football Club (sorry if you’re a fan). He wins everything, he gets all the plaudits and when he’s criticised his fans go mental and can’t cope. Superman is just too super it’s boring. He also relies on his morals far too much and being brandished as the ‘boy scout’ must be embarrassing for him.
Although both heroes will 99% of the time get the job done, Batman provides greater suspense, innovation and style. Sure he’ll bust up most villains given the chance but he always runs the risk of being shot. Just one trigger of a gun and the Bat is down, meaning he can’t afford to approach situations as gun-ho as Superman and has to think intelligently about his moves. All Superman has to do is use his overgenerous selection of super powers to defeat his challenges.
A Superman story always seems to include emotional ties and traces back to his childhood struggles. His demeanour is also far too perfect and pristine, he’s like the guy in school who was good at everything and always got the girls even though Batman is better looking. Without a tug on the heart strings and without the inclusion of the same old sentimental jazz then Superman stories would be nothing more than a boring beat’em up arcade game. He’ll be left throwing a garbage bin or picking up a bus.

Batman Is Intriguing

Batman on the other hand has a monopoly of concepts and mind games, a deeply moved character that’s endured torture and complexity to the highest degree. He’s also extremely imaginative, resourceful and wise. There’s a certain mystery to the man. If you were to watch an interview documentary on either hero, Batman would be the most interesting. Batman is also a lot more tactically aware, knowing what to use and how to use it. Constructing cunning plans before he strikes in the dead of night. Whereas Superman doesn’t give a flying fudge about time, place or surroundings, he’ll just turn up and punch, kick and throw his way to success.
Batman’s clobber is also a lot smarter. The Bat Suit for one is sophisticated; he acquires insane state of the art gadgets to topple the villains, as well as speeding around in incomparable style driving the Batmobile. Whilst he’s driving he’s even got better music playing - that’s if both heroes play their own theme tunes? Finally, Batman isn’t afraid or allergic to a rock. It remains to be seen who comes out on top. Maybe they'll both draw and both sets of fans can go home smiling?

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Why Batman Is Better Than Superman

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