What's The Best Color For Your Bedroom?

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Your bedroom is a haven, a refuge. It is where you lay your head at night, where you wake up every morning, and where some of your most intimate and private moments exist in between. While you might not think the look of that room makes that big of a difference, I would beg to differ. Everything from the furniture placement to the decorations can really change the overall tone and how you experience it.
One rather minor detail that many people forget to consider is the color of your room. But who cares, right? The paint you use on the wall, or the patterns and colors of your linens don't mean anything! Actually, it means a great deal more than you think.
The theory of Feng Shui has been around for centuries, and in the last couple of decades it has found its place in the mainstream culture of the Western world. Some people may scoff, thinking it is mystical hooey. For those detractors, I would like to point out that studies have shown a real correlation between color and our mood, our sleep schedules, and even our sex lives.
Human brain activity is just wired to recognize certain shades and tones as specific messages. In the same way red can convey warning or danger, so can more subtle hues that we encounter in our every day life. Some of this is evolutionary, left over signals from our more primitive ancestors. Others are just ingrained through social teachings, like yellow meaning to slow down.

The Color Of Sleep

Blue Bedroom
A survey conducted by Travelodge found that people who slept in a blue room, especially lighter shades, slept better and longer. This isn't too hard to believe when you consider the psychology behind it. We have a tendency to associate blue with calmness and relaxation. It is the color of water, the sky, and has actually been found to lower blood pressure when we're exposed to it.
That same survey found that people who slept in purple rooms actually slept the least. What is it about this hue that kept the z's away? It is hard to say for sure, but it might have something to do with it being a combination color. While blue is a part of the mix, so is red. Depending on the shade and brightness, red could be more present and so trigger that same alert response that we are trained to fall to.

Is White A Bad Choice?

White Bedroom
I know some people may be wondering about the standard color that most walls seem to come in: white. Is that a negative tone to have surrounding your serenity center?
Consensus says: maybe. A brighter white can look sterile, bringing to mind the joyless look of a hospital or laboratory. It also isn't a particularly natural look, in many ways. When you think of white, what comes to mind? Paper, a word processing screen maybe? Things you tend to associate with work, or productivity.
Off white, of the other hand, lends a more subtle nuance to the traditional white. Eggshell or cream are more earthy, as is a lit beige. While the difference might be small, the response it triggers is not. Plus, they give a feel of more space in a small room.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors of Bedroom
Finally, you have the brighter options. These can make you feel optimistic and happy, such as pale yellows and even oranges. The problem is that they don't generate a feeling of calm that you would normally want for a room you will be sleeping in.
While bright colors are certainly an option, you may want to keep them to a minimum. Try using them as accents or borders, rather than overwhelming the room with them. For example, you could use a couple of yellow throw pillows for your bed to add a splash of color. Or add in a colorful dresser to give the room a bit of oomph.
Pictures on the wall are also a great way to dash about something interesting for your d?cor. My own room gets the majority of its color from the paintings on the wall.
Do you have any ideas for good color use in a bedroom? What does your own look like? Let us know in the comments.

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What's The Best Color For Your Bedroom?

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