Top Car Hacks DIY

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We all need to drive at one time or another and with driving can come inconveniences. So here are a few car hacks that I hope make your driving experience a little more enjoyable.

Frozen Locks

Icy Car Lock
Icy Car Lock (Photo credit: pigpogm)
If you live in an area of the country that has harsh winters or frequent freezes, then you understand how frustrating it can be when you go to unlock your car door only to find that the key hole is frozen shut. So it’s cold, you’re locked out of your car, now what? Well one of the easiest ways to combat a frozen lock is to grab some hand sanitizer and squirt away. The heavy alcohol content of a waterless sanitizer will melt the ice and quickly.

Storage Space

Full car 2
Full car 2 (Photo credit: Ragnhildur Guðrún)
Frustrated with the lack of storage space in your car? If you can’t find a good place to put your phone, pens, wallet, cigarettes, lighter, iPod, pocket knife or whatever accessory it may be, fear not. It may not be pretty, but you can always use a combination of duct tape and yogurt cups or a sticky pad to create some extra space. Think practically, what do you need space for?

Scratches and Cracks Worst Enemy

Cracked Glass
Cracked Glass (Photo credit: Alan_D)
Have you ever been driving along a road or highway and had a small pebble smack into your windshield causing a small crack? I have, and over time that crack only grew bigger and bigger. The best way to freeze a crack from expanding is clear nail polish. Nail polish is also useful for preventing a scratch from rusting. A colored nail polish will work well for a scratch just as well as clear, just make sure you get a color that closely resembles the color of your car.

Car Locator

 License: Creative Commons image source
Hate that hopeless feeling of forgetting where you parked your car? An easy and quick, pre-emptive solution is to take a picture of your car and its surroundings before you leave it behind. If you return to the parking lot ready to leave and realize you have no idea where you parked, then pull out your phone that you took the picture with and use the picture as a road map. Make sure that when you take the initial picture you get landmarks in the shot as the cars around you when you got there, might be gone already.

Best Windshield Cleaner

We all know how frustrating it can be to be driving down the road and have bugs guts splotch your windshield. It’s even more frustrating when you get to the gas station and try to use the squeegee only to find that those bug guts aren’t going anywhere. A quick solution to your stained windshield is to scrape off any bug debris and remains off with a razor blade. The blade shouldn’t damage or scratch your windshield, but it will remove any unwanted debris.
When using a razor to scrape your driver’s side or passengers take caution if the windows are tinted as you could damage the tint.
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Top Car Hacks DIY

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