Must See Paris Landmarks On Your Visit

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There are a zillion things that you must do on your visit to Paris. However, these mentioned sights and things are a must see on any tourist’s itinerary. You can surely not leave Paris without seeing these. While you are in Paris you will never ever find a day when you don’t have anything to do. Your entire day and evening is going to be choc a block filled with things to do and visit.
The wonderful thing about this city is that it is steeped in great deal of history. Everywhere that your eyes fall you are bound to find plenty of iconic monuments and pieces of architecture that brings to life the historical importance of this city.
The first monument that you must see is the Eiffel Tower. You can certainly not leave this place without having visited it. It is considered to be an important stop on every tourists map. Once you are done with the visit and you want to rest then you can take yourself to any of the Paris bars that line this place. These bars and pubs are open from early morning until very late in the evening. So, whatever time of the day you feel the need for a good drink you will find them open to serve you. You will find this medieval church the Notre Dame as full of history as any other. At the same time, it has also been the iconic spot for many royalties. This tells you about the great importance that it has played in the history of Paris.

The next on your list of must see is none other than Palais Royal. There is no palace in the world that is as grand as this one. It has been a home to the royalty for years and the Royal family used to live here. You can get a glimpse of the stately gardens and some of the royal rooms. This is how the kings and queens of yore lived and you certainly don’t want to give it a miss. The two main rooms to look out for when you are at the palace are the Ballroom and the Throne Room. This is the place where lords and ladies would gather along with the king and queen. Here is also the place where you will see the Bourbon Palais. This is a fantastic palace and you will find it ever so popular with tourists. The sight when the palace is lighted up in different colored hues is a must see. If you are still thirsting for more royalty then you can try the Louvre Palace and Elysee Palace.  Then in the evening, rather than going back to the hotel early on, you can take yourself for the pub crawl Paris. No visit to Paris is ever complete without it.
The pub crawl that takes place in Paris is equally if not more important than the other monuments, museums and gardens. Millions of tourists are attracted to this part of the world for their holidays as they have heard so much about the place.

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Must See Paris Landmarks On Your Visit

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