Koh Phangan - Things To Do On This Mystical Island

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Koh Phangan is one of the most incredible islands in Thailand. This place is popular for its Full Moon Party that attracts thousands of people every month to Koh Phangan to experience the world’s best beach party. But the magic of this mystic island does not end here itself. There are number of other things that you can do while on your visit to the island. Let’s take a look at some exciting things that you can do on your trip to Koh Phangan.
List of Things to Do 
Lonesome Beach (Tailand, Ko Phangan 2013)

Discover More About Yourself                                                           
Koh Phangan is not just about partying and nightlife. It is a home to many backpackers looking for an incredible peaceful experience on their trip. For those who are looking to find deeper meaning amidst travelling, can find plenty of options to explore the deepest corners of their feelings. Whether you’re looking for a monastic retreat or simple yoga and reiki centers, you have plenty of options for silent meditation and spiritual exploration. Monastic retreats, healing centers and yoga schools are located in some of the beautiful spots on the island.
Relax and Detox Yourself 
Traveling to South East Asia is more about meeting new people every day and having a pleasurable time. Moreover, sleepless nights, deadlines, responsibilities back home can really take a great toll on your health and overall well-being. If you’re in need of rejuvenation process, Koh Phang has a lot to offer in this department as well. There are plenty of health retreats, detox centers, and spa resorts in Koh Phangan where you can rejuvenate your body and soul with traditional massages, health regimes, body treatments, and stress relieve treatments.
Adventure and Water-Sports
Are you looking for some adventure time, exploring and enjoying extreme sports? Koh Phang offers each and every kind of adventure trips that you must be looking for. Trekking, mountain biking, football or volley ball tournament and so on, there is no end to the adventure you can experience on the island. Not only this, you also get the opportunity to enjoy plenty of aquatic adventure sports like wakeboarding, kite-surfing boat trip, snorkeling diving, fishing and so on. Just make sure you arrive at the right time, if you wish to explore the extremist of the things.
Scooter Explorations
In Koh Phangan, there’s nothing better than exploring the place you’re from top mountain cliff to shore. This is exactly what a travelling is all about! Hiring a mountain bike is a great way to explore the place and investigate the different features to find out what excites you the most. Coastal roads, biking tracks, deserted beaches and jungle trails, the island has a lot to offer to grab the interest of all kinds of travelers. Also, there are tons of amazing little restaurants, bars, cafes and other hot spot places where you can spend a pleasurable time of your day.
Koh Phangan island thailand
Getting There
You may choose any of the modes of transport to get there. However, whether you choose to go by bus, train or fly, you’ll need to take a ferry from Surat thani to reach the island. You can get your tickets booked online or just show up at the time of departure and buy the tickets. Those who wish to fly can take an hour flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui and then 1 hour ferry to Koh Phangan.

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Koh Phangan - Things To Do On This Mystical Island

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