How Are Fireworks A Part Of Life Around The World?

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Whenever we think of special occasions, whether religious festivals, independence days, weddings, birthdays, or anything else, there are a number of things that we associate with them.  Fireworks are definitely one thing that plays a huge part in many celebrations.
How often do we attend events ourselves, or see news reports of global festivals, and are blown away by the presence of fireworks?

History of Fireworks

fireworks displayIt is thought that fireworks were invented in China around 1300 years ago, in the early Middle Ages, where they were widely used to celebrate special occasions, as well as by armies and emperors to celebrate victories on the battlefield.
In Ancient China, pyrotechnics experts were among the most widely respected individuals outside of the military, vaunted for their ability to put on a show.
It would be a further 600 years before Arabic peoples discovered fireworks and learned from China how to make them, at which point they quickly started to spread further West and into Europe.
There were already examples of fireworks in Europe, as well as the United States, but Chinese fireworks were unique and exciting, and represented the basis of what we would call a typical firework today.

Fireworks Laws

Fireworks are the subject of strict regulations in most countries around the world, both in terms of who can sell them and who can own them, as well as when they can be used. There are also restrictions, specialist fireworks retailers excepted, to when fireworks can be sold.
Usually, the sale of fireworks is restricted to a time window prior to an event, such as New Year or another national holiday, and they’re sold under the premise that they’ll be used on the day of the event, and not otherwise retained or used later.
Here are some examples of fireworks laws from around the world.


While anyone can buy small fireworks, such as sparklers, citizens have to acquire a license before buying products such as rockets, and other larger explosives. In some parts of the country, people are banned from holding fireworks displays in their backyard, irrespective of whether they hold a license.

United States

fireworks displayFireworks laws in the United States are both confusing and controversial, because state laws rather than federal laws regulate them.
As a result, some states allow all fireworks to be sold and used by anybody throughout the year, while in others they are banned altogether. These examples account for around 10 states in total, with others subject to the restrictions around particular events, as we indicated earlier.
The controversy comes because, despite the differing state laws, there is nothing to stop someone driving into one state to buy fireworks, and then driving to a location where they’re banned to either use them or sell them on.
This has seen two growing trends in America; the black market for fireworks has grown massively, and there are also many stores in states that allow fireworks, albeit acting entirely legally, that have opened premises close to state boundaries, making it easy for people to cross the boundary, buy fireworks, and then leave.

United Kingdom

Fireworks are typically only found on sale in the United Kingdom in the run up to Bonfire Night, on November 5. The UK has done a lot of work in the last two decades to raise awareness of firework safety as well as what to look for when buying fireworks to ensure they’re legitimate.

Fireworks in Celebrations

fireworks displayIt is not known specifically why fireworks are used in celebrations, but given the roots of the product are in Ancient China, we can perhaps surmise that it was originally a means of demonstrating supremacy, in a military situation or otherwise.
Although we might see fireworks at weddings or birthday celebrations throughout the year, they are perhaps most famous for gracing a number of global events that receive widespread media coverage and are well known to people all around the world.
What are the biggest and most famous examples of fireworks displays from around the world?


People celebrate India’s festival of light in the grand manner across the world. Outside of India, it is typical to see what we’d consider ‘regular’ fireworks such as rockets and bangers used. As India is a huge manufacturer of fireworks, we tend to see a much larger range on display at celebrations taking place in the country.
Two of the most popular fireworks include the Sivakasi, which is named after the town in which it is made, which is also India’s main production center for fireworks and crackers. The second firework is the chakra, which is an aggressive, sparkler like firework that lays on the ground and explodes into a mass of brilliant light.
One of the most notable aspects of Diwali is that the fireworks used differ all across India, depending on which products are produced in each city or state.

Fourth of July

fireworks displayAmerica’s Independence Day is probably the most famous of its kind in the world, although Australia Day, in January, has enjoyed a lot of mainstream attention in recent years.
Fourth of July is reported around the world, with fireworks displays taking place in almost every town and city across the United States. Fireworks were first used in 1777 – the first Independence Day – and have been a feature of celebrations, as well as some presidential inaugurations, since that year. Fireworks are famously launched from buildings, bridges, and even boats on Fourth of July, which outstrips even New Year in terms of the largesse applied across the United States.

New Year

Elsewhere in the world, it tends to be New Year celebrations leading the way in terms of size and scale. Much like Fourth of July, all types of fireworks are launched from everywhere imaginable; Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and the London Eye are all famous locations that are known for brilliant pyrotechnics displays on 31st December.

Fireworks Around the World

Fireworks play a huge part in life around the world, with East Asia, in particular, having a close affinity with fireworks, as seen in the annual fireworks festivals that take place in Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Singapore.
If you’re going to have a celebration in style, fireworks are sure to be a part of the plan.

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How Are Fireworks A Part Of Life Around The World?

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