6 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You Are

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Luck seems to have a way of inviting itself into our otherwise instinctual existence. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s bad. It can make our lives rather interesting, though. Overcoming bad luck has its own merits and can shape who we become.
When you’re down on your luck, it helps to hear about people who seem to have a “kick me” sign tattooed to their forehead. Here are some people who are having days they’d rather forget.
Having a bad day?

 1. This Woman Who Is Being Mistaken for a Fire Hyrdant

Bikini-clad women are the new fire hydrants, as this sunbathing dame is about to find out. Spot, the usually loving pooch, is giving his owner a little payback for bringing him to a park without a lake. All he wants to do is chase a ball into the water, and she has the audacity to just lie in the grass. On the bright side, she won’t have to shower when she gets home. Gross.

2. This Soldier Who Is Fighting the Good Fight with a Plunger 

After all that time overseas (we thank you), this soldier forgot how to use a real toilet until it was too late. Instinctually, Sgt. Pepper leaped into an abandoned sink and grabbed the closest plunger he could find. One can only hope that he didn’t use the clothes in that laundry machine to clean up after himself.

3. This Woman Who Is Sitting in Wet Paint (Oops)

Poor Alice, all she wanted to do today was embrace everything red and black. So much so, that she was willing to do anything to sit on a bench with the same color scheme as her outfit. Well, Alice, you’ve taken a piece of this day, and that bench, with you to enjoy until your Tide runs out.

4. This Mom Who Is About to Feed Her Son's Birthday Cake to the Floor

Haaappy Biiirrthday, dear Ma - wooahhhh!! You see, Mark’s 16th birthday was going as planned; his parents gave him the 10-speed bike he wanted, and they baked him an amazing chocolate cake – his favorite. However, after a few cocktails and a little dancing, Mark’s mom lost focus. The cake found no hungry mouths, rather, a floor that had just been cleaned.

5. These Soldiers Who Are Running Away from A Missile

This is why the United States wins wars. It takes a few times of watching to get what is really going on here. These two soldiers were in for quite the surprise when they discovered that their earth-shaking missile limps out of the cannon. Fearing an impending explosion, the troops run for the hills.

6. This Camper Who Is Wishing He Hadn't Left His Rifle Outside the Tent

Meet Liam. He’s on a solo safari, exploring the African plains in his blue tent. On a typically normal Tuesday afternoon, Liam decides to read his new book, “What to do When Faced With a Herd of Elephants.” He should have picked up the “Oversized Cats” version. Rumor has it that Liam held up a VHS copy of The Lion King and shouted, “Mufasa sent me!” and was left alone.
You know, they say it isn’t how you handle success; it’s how you handle failures (read: bad luck) that defines you.

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6 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You Are

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