Weird And Wonderful Spa Treatments

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A spa weekend? What's wrong with a bit of moisturiser and a rubdown with some Deep Heat? But apparently these things are quite well-known now, and part of a growing trend worldwide. In fact a lot of places now take it to extreme lengths, as the following bizarre treatments illustrate.

An Alcoholic Bubble Bath, Czech Republic

This is one for anyone who's ever looked lovingly at their pint, usually towards the end of a heavy session, and thought to themselves "I'd like to have a bath in that". At that point most of us will probably realise it's a good time to call it a night and head for the taxi rank. But it looks like at some point, someone in the Czech Republic scribbled their idea onto a beermat, and, finding it crumpled in their pocket the next day, went ahead and began mixing mineral water with dark foamy beer - an alcoholic bubble bath in other words. Although it may seem like a treatment more suited to men, the medicinal benefits that are thought to be derived make this popular with both sexes. That's “thought to be derived” by the way - the only thing certain about this spa treatment is when you get home you'll be sleeping on the sofa.

Live Reptiles, Israel

Any gentlemen planning this treatment as a surprise for their loved one had better be prepared a heated discussion afterwards. Visitors to Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm in Talmei Elazar have several live snakes laid along their body, the writhing reptiles apparently providing a unique sensual massage. No information is available on how many people return for a second go but I'm guessing not many. Still at least they're only small, non-venomous snakes - it could be a whole lot worse I suppose.

Food & Drink, Japan

I've never been to Japan, but I've seen videos of their gameshows on the internet, and I feel I have some understanding of how the national psyche works. Basically they're nuts, but in a good way. This combined amusement park and spa resort is a perfect example. It's set in an area known for its hot springs, and these are put to good use in a series of pools for bathing. What's so odd about that you might ask. Well, the water is flavoured, and not with your standard strawberry soda bath salts. We're talking wine, green tea, coffee - okay a little strange but fine; sake - hmmm; ramen noodle soup - stop! That's where I get off the bus. I don't want dogs following me home.

The Chocolate Treatment, USA

Although it may sound like a bit of a waste, chocolate treatments are all the rage nowadays. When you think about it, it's much the same as a mud bath, only you smell like yum and instead of cucumber slices over your eyes you get jammy dodgers, I'm guessing. Last Valentine's Day I got a good deal at the corner shop and poured about a hundred chocolate bars into the bath, then melted them with a hair-dryer in time for when my girlfriend arrived home for work. I even sieved it to get all the biscuit, raisin and marshmallow pieces out. This is the closest we have come to breaking up to date. Try one for yourself at the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania, a delicious detour on one of Grand American Adventures incredible USA experiences.

Cascading Waterfalls, Thailand

There are several waterfalls in Thailand where participants stand beneath and let the fresh, pure water pound the living daylights out of their sore muscles and ligaments. No doubt it works or people wouldn’t do it, but it sounds like the equivalent of being thrown around the ring for ten minutes by a professional wrestler. Smaller waterfalls are best for this type of treatment I imagine, unless you don’t mind a loss of hearing for several days afterwards.
Rob is looking forward to finding out what in the way of spa treatments they have in Portugal as that's where he's heading in a couple of weeks' time

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Weird And Wonderful Spa Treatments

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