Top Creative Things You Can Do Online For Someone's Birthday

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Do you remember when you used to ask your Mum what she wanted for Mothers' Day and she would say: 'I'd rather it was something you'd made'. She of course said that to save you money, but deep down she didn't mean it. Most of what we made at that age was lame at best, and when she said she was putting it in her 'special box'? She actually meant the bin…
Since then though, things have changed. While most of what we make ourselves probably won't be quite professional in standard, we will still generally have developed to the point where we're capable of at least knowing our limits. And better yet, technology has given us tools that we never would previously have had to produce some things that are truly incredible in many cases. Read on to learn how you can make things for people that they will actually like and that will even look somewhat professional…
3D-printed owl (back)

Making jewellery is something that we can all do to an extent if you buy a piece of string and some beads to weave through it, but that's not really going to impress anyone and it's certainly not going to cause Tiffanies to lose any sleep.
But there is another way, and that's to use 3D laser printing in order to create something solid and intricate out of metals and other more professional-grade materials. For instance, using 3D printing you could potentially create a pendant or ring that would look just like one that was bought in a shop - but using your own design. You could then get this printed cheaply out of steel, or more impressively out of silver or gold - and by buying stones like diamonds to put into it you could make this into a highly romantic gift for that special someone.
Other 3D Objects
3d printed box vase
Of course jewellery isn't the only thing you can 3D print, and actually if you have some basic skills in 3D modelling then the sky is very much the limit. Try experimenting with what's possible and thinking a bit outside of the (3D printed) box. Why not make them a figurine with their own likeness? Or a smartphone case with their name embossed onto it?
The book
Making books is something that's relatively easy to do now thanks to 'POD' services, which means 'Print On Demand'. The idea behind this is that when we buy a book, it is then printed out on the spot and delivered to us.
This in turn means that we don't need to buy bulk loads up front in order to publish our literary works. It means that anyone can now become a published author, but it also means that if you want to make a hard-back and glossy looking book of photos - you can!
And why not get more creative with this? For instance you could make someone a compendium of their favourite books with a personal message in the front, or you could make them a book of all your Facebook messages to one another. It's soppy, but it's a thoughtful gesture and one that will always go down well for its uniqueness alone!
If you know how to code them you can also make software as a gift which is unique, thoughtful and fun. This could be an app that compliments a friend at random intervals for instance (great if you know they have low self-esteem) or a game that includes them as the main character if you have some real skills.
Outsourced Jobs
Jigsaw Effect using Dumpr
Then again, why not outsource the whole job completely and make someone completely unique and thoughtful but without actually putting in the work? That might sound like cheating, but the web provides many ways that you can do this and still make it a thoughtful and imaginative gift. Head over to Fiverr for instance and you can pay someone five dollars to record themselves singing a song for your recipient. It's fun, it's unique and it's creatively using the web.
There are many more things you can have made on the web too if you're willing to look - from custom jigsaw puzzles to board games, to mugs and t-shirts. Use your imagination and don't underestimate what you're capable of with a little help from the internet…

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Top Creative Things You Can Do Online For Someone's Birthday

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