Top 5 Foreign Festivals To Experience

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Travelling is the best way to broaden your mind and open it up for new cultures and experiences. One thing that all cultures have in common is the tradition to celebrate specific occasions whether they are national or ethnic celebrations.
Going abroad and experiencing these festivals of joy can be a great experience and here are the top five occasions you should keep in mind.

1. The Carnival In Brazil

Brazilian carnival queen Luma de Oliveira
Brazilian carnival queen Luma de Oliveira (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The top spot must go to the Brazilian carnival. This is a holiday of joy, music and dance and if you can’t get into party mood in Brazil during the carnival then there is no party within you.

The carnival is held every year in February and is mainly concentrated in Rio De Janeiro, although smaller samba festivals occur all over Brazil. It is six days of pure samba and festival spirit and you will have your head spinning for weeks to come.

2. Diwali In India

English: India, Nagaland, festival Angami trib...
English: India, Nagaland, festival Angami tribe Français : inde, nagaland, festival des tribu angami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrating light. It occurs in the fifteenth day of the Indian lunar month of Kartika and is usually held in October or November. This is a lovely holiday, which you can participate in all across India.
During Diwali whole of India will light up with candles and firecrackers and people will get together and share food and drinks.
Lonely Planet has a nice guide for all the things you need to take into account if you want to travel to India during Diwali.

3. Oktoberfest In Germany

Oktoberfest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you love a bit of beer and are a fan of proper festival mood with drink, dance and sausages then you must go to Germany during the Oktoberfest. This festival, held usually at the end of September and until the start of October, is a perfect European hullabaloo.
The main festival happens in Munich and there are a lot of things going on throughout the city. You have a lot of live music and dance performances and you can taste the traditional German culinary. Of course there will also be a lot of great beer to try out.

4. Obon Festival In Japan

Nagasaki lantern festival, JAPAN
Nagasaki lantern festival, JAPAN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Obon Festival is a festival for the dead and it might not seem like a great occasion. But if you are looking to relax it is the right occasion to go to. The festival takes place in August all over Japan and it is a great way to pay your respect for all the loved ones you have lost.
The tradition is to light out paper lanterns and set them sail across the rivers and the night sky. This is such a beautiful and sobering experience that you should see it once in your lifetime.

5. Chinese New Year

On Chinese New Year's Eve in Meizhou. Firework...
On Chinese New Year's Eve in Meizhou. Fireworks are set off to ward off the bad spirits from the previous year and welcome the new year in. Candles and incense are also lighted during prayers, like this scene on Chinese New Year's Eve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are looking for fireworks and extravagant costumes then the Chinese New Year is a must see festival. It is usually around February and you can naturally participate all across China. There is a lot of going on and it is often related to the specific animal the New Year will be dedicated to.
You can also recreate your own Chinese New Year by getting roman candle fireworks online and having a big party. Check out Fireworks Crazy for more offers.
Christy is mad about travelling and loves to soak in the experiences and opportunities of meeting new people. She is also really passionate about languages and wants to learn a few words of the language used at her destination.

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Top 5 Foreign Festivals To Experience

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