Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

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Wherever you live it’s important to have awareness about the laws and regulations. However, all over the world different subjects are administered under different types of laws. However, there are some laws among them that were made in the ancient times and are still being followed by the legal systems all over the world. These ancient laws way ahead of their time and their long lifespan proves it.
1. Animal Rights:-
Barcelona. Demonstration against hunting.
Barcelona. Demonstration against hunting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this law, using animals for our pleasure in place like circuses and other type of sporting events is considered illegal. It’s common that in circus there are several animals like hippos, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, chimpanzees, and horses, are used for doing performances to impress the people watching them. This law makes it illegal to use the animals in sporting events and circuses.

2. No One is Above the Law and Law is supreme:-
Alternative versions of Superman
Alternative versions of Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a law that has existed since the ancient times. In the earlier times, there was no democratic system of electing the governments and complete law implementation was in the hands of kings. They were the gods for the people. At times they were considered above the laws, but with the passing times it has been proved that nobody is above the law. The supremacy of the law has strengthened over the years.

3. Income Regulation:-
I Want Your Money
I Want Your Money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this law nobody is allowed to keep the money that belongs to someone else. It means that if you have to pay money to someone, give them immediately. If you have taken some services on daily wages, pay the wages regularly. This law makes sure that nobody can cheat anyone for money by making promises.

4. Equal Justice to All:-

This law states that every individual is equal in front of the law. It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or rich, idiot or intelligent, beggar or billionaire, the law is same for everyone. Just because someone is rich doesn’t mean that they are exempt from the punishment, if they break the law.

5. Constitution for the Jews (Sicut Judaeis):-
Jew Suss: Rise and Fall
Jew Suss: Rise and Fall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important law that has become the basic law of all constitutions. According to this law, a judge should not have any prejudice against the person on whom he is going to announce his judgment. This law negates the chances of any act of revenge in part of the judges. 

6. Castes and Creed (Sublimes Dei):-
This is another important law that is part of most legal systems all around the world. This law protects the people from any type of discrimination on the basis of their castes or creed. The importance of this law could be understood by the fact that it protects the fundamental rights of the people. 

7. No Incest:-
Userpage icon for supporting gender equality.
Userpage icon for supporting gender equality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a law has been protecting the rights of women since ancient times. Women have always been dependent on men and they have been constantly tortured and harassed by men both sexually and mentally. This law preserves the rights of women and ensures their security by offering severe punishment to men who are involved in harassing women either physically or mentally.

8. Working off the Debts:-
This law deals with the debt related matters and is applicable on the people who have debts that they have to clear. The debts can be towards and individual, a bank, or an institution. This law governs the matter of clearance of debt taking into consideration the interests of both sides. 

9. Slavery Abolition:-
In the ancient times there were many white people who kept black people as their slaves. Even the children who were below the age of ten were kept as slaves. The law abolishes this practice of slavery. 

10. Minimum Wages:-
This is another ancient law that still stands. According to this law, it’s important to fix the minimum wages of the workers. The minimum wages might depend on various factors like nature of job, skill of the worker, economy of the country, etc. 

The above laws have stood the test of time only because of one reason, and that is their quality of providing basic rights to the common individuals of this world.

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Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

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