Taking Care Of Business: 6 Inspirational Business Books

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Having a Kevin Spacey moment in American Beauty? Or maybe you just want to embrace your inner entrepreneur and create a business that best suits you? Take a look at 6 books that will inspire you to combat your inhibitions about business...
1. The War of Art
This text transforms Sun Tzu’s principles, such as ‘opportunities multiply when they are seized’, into a business concept. Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is a concise book that is an accurate account for why we let our rational self conquer us rather than smash through the barriers to throw us into the unknown. Whether you want to engage in a joint venture, or channel your inner Hemingway and write that long thought-about novel, this book simply explains how to seize the day.
2. What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences
Ever wondered how a business colleague is so savvy with technology? All these gizmos and gadgets are forever changing, and keeping up with it all is going to help you develop your business.  Brian Solis’s book departs from the starchy academic style and provides chatty and basic words to help you get some direction in the business world. You will be the Dalai Lama of market factors in no time.
3. How Not to Give Up: A Motivational & Inspirational Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving Your Dreams
Every single one of us has some form of dream and aspiration in their life. Let R.L. Adams show you how to productively set goals and how best to tackle challenges in order to achieve your life’s calling. It also taps into your personality traits and behaviours that limit you from achieving your dreams, including stress management.
4. The Lean Startup
This one’s for the budding entrepreneurs out there. Eric Ries’ unique book professes that the key to a successful business venture does not require an exuberant budget. It strategically captures the reader’s attention and suggests while you don’t have to be completely cheap, you can find ways to develop your business by non-wasteful methods. The Lean Startup highlights 5 integral factors that can help you to launch your business with a bang.
5. Decisive: How to Make Better Decisions in Life and Work
NYT best selling authors Chip & Dan Heath delve into the brain to discover how and why we make specific choices.  If you are unsure what your next career move will be or how to improve a certain aspect of your business, have a good read of this one. Explore how our bias and irrational thinking can effect how business decisions and life play out so we can aim to make more improved and better choices.
6. Contagious: Why Things Catch On
Find your next exciting business adventure or discover how a certain marketing ploy will fling you into the realm of success with this goodie. Suddenly, it’ll hit you why Lady Gaga’s loopy costumes cause such a worldwide buzz and increase her popularity, or why everyone is in love with Nigella’s cooking shows. Jonah Berger explains why people become addicted to certain things, and why other things just don’t quite hit the mark. An entertaining read with real-life examples to keep you turning those pages.
Rebecca Parish is a freelance journalist who recommends getting a finance lease to get your next cutting-edge venture going.

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Taking Care Of Business: 6 Inspirational Business Books

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