Spending Time In Norfolk Virginia

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When you arrive in a new place for your vacation it can be hard to decide what to do. When you arrive in Norfolk Virginian the problem will be immense as there is just so much to choose from. The good news is that the activities are varied and so it does not matter what interests you have there will be something that you enjoy.
Virginia Zoo

Bald Eagle
As well as showcasing the animals the zoo is carrying out a lot of conservation work. Working alongside Ocean Sole they are aiming to promote the work of the African organisation and do all they can to conserve marine life. In Kenya, discarded flip flops are used to design gifts and sculptures and they are being sold at the zoo with any profits going back into the campaign.
The zoo is more than 100 years old and not only has all the animals you would expect to find, has extensive gardens and is AZA accredited so you can be sure that the animals are well looked after.

Ghent Bar Tour

Penny Lane Pub

Now you can go and tour the pubs and state that you are doing it for charity. The Hope House Foundation is the charity that benefits from the annual tour. Visiting the pubs lasts from 4pm until 9pm and then the evening is rounded off with a party in a tent. Visitors are very welcome, but this is also an event that is popular with the locals.
Travel Around

Virginia - Infrared

Traffic is heavy here and there are few other places in the United States that have the same level of congestion. Traffic often backs up for half an hour so when planning days out it will be best to allow additional time so as the day is not ruined when you cannot do everything you want.
Finding somewhere to stay should not be a problem as there are many hotels covering all the price ranges. If you are looking for budget accommodation then Motel 6 will be a place to look at, while if you have a good budget, the place to look is near to the airport or downtown as that is where the like of the Sheraton, Marriott and Hilton are based.
Ok, so at home you might be in front of the television in pyjamas by 8 o clock, but holidays are different. In Norfolk there are three different areas where the night life is the best. If you want hip and trendy then head to Ghent, but choose the Waterside if you really can take a late night and want to stay out late with the kids. For a more subtle and romantic night then Granby Street should be considered. Night life may not be what you are used to as there are no bars but alcohol can be purchased and consumed in the many restaurants. It’s all in a name really as the atmosphere is the same whatever the location is called.


With a long naval tradition, it is natural that a lot of the events will revolve around the water. It is a place that will be suitable for families, couples or a group of friends. There are places to visit, things to buy and these items range from stunning items from galleries, small independent retailers then a selection of items from the dollar store.

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Spending Time In Norfolk Virginia

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