Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

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Do you, as you struggle to fix the daily jam in the printer, or consider risking a different font when producing the latest company report, sometimes wish you job had a little more excitement?
Consider then, this list of some of the world’s most deadly professions, and wonder whether the people doing them sometimes yearn for the minutiae of the nine-to-five commute and office politics? I can tell you right now the answer is “probably not”.
English: Lumberjacks in the log rolling event ...
English: Lumberjacks in the log rolling event at the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan, Alaska. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lumberjacks - Right at this moment, somewhere deep in a forest, a tree is crashing heavily and noisily to earth, massive branches going in all direc
tions. Imagine if it fell on you. That is the nightmare faced by lumberjacks every day, before we even think of the hearing problems, danger from chainsaw injuries, or liver damage from the nightly drinking competitions that surely take place back at camp.

Trucker (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

Long-Distance Truckers - This always seems such a romantic job - just you, the open road, and the radio for company. But it entails travelling huge distances, with heavy loads, within set time limits. Fatigue is a big killer for truckers, and so I imagine is loneliness and depression, particularly if you listen to Radio 1 all the time.

Construction worker in San Francisco.
Construction worker in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Construction Workers - Although one of the most regulated industries, construction still has huge numbers of fatalities and serious injuries every year. A large site, with lots of people scurrying around doing different jobs; heavy machinery, and the pressure to meet deadlines - as explosive a cocktail as pouring petrol into the cement mixer.

Farmer with oxen in Tamil Nadu, India in the y...
Farmer with oxen in Tamil Nadu, India in the year 1993. Français : Un fermier mène deux boeufs. Photo prise en 1993 dans le Tamil Nadu, en Inde. മലയാളം: കാളകളുമായി പോകുന്ന കർഷകൻ, 1993-ൽ ഇന്ത്യയിലെ തമിഴ്‌നാട്ടിൽ നിന്നെടുത്ത ദൃശ്യം. Tiếng Việt: Người nông dân cùng những con bò ở Tamil Nadu, Ấn Độ năm 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Farming - Lots of farmers and farm workers die every year, either from suicides, or being hurt by chemicals, large animals or machinery. For a lot of the time you’re out in a field on your own. Anything can happen. Anything.

A Seabee maintains security by manning an M60 ...
A Seabee maintains security by manning an M60 machine gun while his convoy drives through Al Hillah in Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

War Correspondents - Imagine: you’re sent out to report on some of the most dangerous situation in the world, with all kinds of madness going on, missiles and bullets flying around everywhere, and you’re expected to poke your head above the parapet and deliver a speech to camera! How does anyone get anything but “Flubble...” out?

Mine clearing, Cambodia
Mine clearing, Cambodia (Photo credit: Timoluege)

Miners - Every year there’s several cases where miners get trapped by an explosion or a rockfall underground. It’s not as if the rewards are that great - most of the time you’re just looking for coal, and if you do somehow find some gold or a diamond you just get sent back down looking for more.

English: A man diving into Lake Michigan off o...
English: A man diving into Lake Michigan off of his boat, which is anchored off shore of South Haven, MI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deep Sea Fisherman - Specifically, Alaskan crab fishermen. This is officially the most dangerous job in the world, with around 400 fatalities to every 100,000 participants. Imagine going to work knowing those odds are stacked against you making it back again? It makes anything you get up to on standard Canada adventure holidays seem tame by comparison.

English: A Mississauga Fire and Emergency Serv...
English: A Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services Command Post Truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emergency Services Workers - This speaks for itself really. You’re putting your life on the line day in, day out, saving people who a lot of the time aren’t even that pleased to see you! The good thing about this job though, is everyone wants to sit next to you at dinner parties to hear your anecdotes.

Mountaineering in the vicinity of Index, Washi...
Mountaineering in the vicinity of Index, Washington (Photo credit: UW Digital Collections)

Mountaineering Guides - Avalanches, falls, back strain from carrying someone else’s luggage across a crevasse - the life of a mountain guide can be pretty tough. Even the views must lose their sheen after a while when you see them every day for years on end.

Bomb squad helps with the remodel
Bomb squad helps with the remodel (Photo credit: S. Bram)

Bomb Squads - Of all the jobs in soldiering, this one must be about the worst of them. You’ve got to creep, alone, over to an unexploded device and somehow defuse it, while your colleagues sit watching from the safety of cover. The laundry bills for washing the sweat out of their shirts must be immense.
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Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

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