Meanwhile, On The Internet... Amazing Things Happening Online That You Maybe Didn't Know About

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The internet is an incredibly place and it's so much more than most people realise. While we all use the web on a regular basis, for most of us this is just a matter of checking e-mails, reading the news and playing a few games. In fact though, the internet is an amazing tool that's constantly growing and that's actually changing the world as it does.
Don't believe me? Read on to learn about some of the more amazing things to come out of the internet recently that you perhaps weren't aware of.
3D Printing
3D Printing is an incredible development in technology that allows anyone to create three dimensional products from any material they can think of. Have a design for a cool pen holder? Great, all you need is some modelling software and the will to make it a reality. Create the mesh, upload it to a site like Shapeways, and then just let people order it as and when they want.
This has led to a revolution as you might imagine as people express themselves in new ways, but also create new and innovative products that big businesses with manufacturing plants just wouldn't have taken the risk on previously.

Other Products
But it's not just 3D printing that has given the general public more tools for creativity. Also exciting is 'POD' or 'Print On Demand' which basically refers to the ability to print branding or text onto things as and when they're ordered rather than having to buy bulk loads and then try to sell off at a profit.
Print On Demand has revolutionised publishing in the same way that 3D printing has more recently revolutionised the creation of physical products, and means that anyone can now write a book and get it published on Amazon. Of course they have to do the proof reading and marketing themselves, but it has still lead to some considerable successes.
Meanwhile, if you want to create your own personalised t-shirts or promotional products, then all you need is a logo to upload and a link to the website. Just as it's now simple to release software as apps without needing to be a large software company.
For more general creations, crowdfunding offers funding from members of the general public for all kinds of ideas and projects. Whether you want to release an album or create a new games console, sites like Kickstarter can help you to make that a reality - and there are already many huge success stories to inspire budding creations.
Virtual Reality
One of the most exciting things to come from crowdfunding is the Oculus Rift, which has been generating a huge amount of buzz in forums across the net and You Tube. The Rift is essentially a virtual reality headset with stereoscopic 3D and super-low-latency head tracking. If that sounds dull, then try putting one on and you'll be transported into a 3D world that you can look around as though it were the real world. Developers have already started creating all kinds of exciting games and applications for the hardware but it's really just the beginning.
Bitcoins are a unique idea: money without the physical aspect. Essentially this is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods - even web hosting - but what's impressive is that you don't actually need a bank account at all to use them. That means that a computer program can manage your money and run what's called an 'algo-business', while you just relax and let the money roll. And in theory this could also scale itself exponentially…
Searching the Surface of Mars
Okay, so this isn't quite a movement so much as a website, but it's still pretty amazing to think about. Head over to and you can help NASA by sorting through thousands of photos of Mars' surface taken by their satellites. There's too many for them to possibly sort through themselves and so they've outsourced the process - meaning that essentially you could be the one to discover entirely new parts of the planet!
You really should check out that internet some time… some quite amazing things happen there!

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Meanwhile, On The Internet... Amazing Things Happening Online That You Maybe Didn't Know About

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