Craziest Use Of Diamonds By The Rich And Famous

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Rolled up money
Celebrities and the super wealthy alike have a strange fascination with diamond-encrusting everything they can get their perfectly manicured hands on. Perhaps they like flaunting their extraordinary wealth, but we are convinced that they just really like to be surrounded by beautiful and opulent things. Kanye West, who we’ll return to later in this piece, has golden toilets in his home and a diamond-encrusted high chair for his baby-daughter, North. So hey, why not! If you have the funds, why not cover your world with diamonds.

Kelly's Hyper Shiny Nails
 Nail Polish
Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the famous Ozzy of Black Sabbath, is said to have created a super glittery and expensive trend. Apparently her fingers needed more bling than just her rings and diamond encrusted nails seemed to be just enough. This is obviously no $15 walk-in manicure. These black-diamond nails ran Osbourne roughly $250,000 and they weren't even her idea! Apparently Azature, a company specializing in black diamonds, came up with this brilliant attention-grabbing idea. Their goal was to raise awareness about black diamonds, and we think they’ve really succeeded.
A Diamond Necklace For A Fluffy Friend
 dog wearing jewelry
Man's best friend should now be considered more than just a friend. Rich and famous pet owners are shelling out a few million to get their fluffy companions some neck bling that is red-carpet worthy. One brand's collar, called "The Bugatti of Dog Collars" by Forbes magazine, is worth $3.2 million. While it's obvious that this is no ordinary dog collar, the shape of the collar further drives home this notion. Instead of the classic round collar with a buckle, this collar is modeled closely on a teardrop diamond necklace. 
Kanye's Grills
Kanye West, known for his brilliant rap career but better known for the golden-toilets in his Beverly Hills home, is at it again. This time, however, he’s investing in his face. On his birthday, he purchased a set of gold and diamond-encrusted grills for his bottom teeth. He then went on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and spoke about the jewelry cleaning power of toothpaste.
Eyelash Extensions With A Twist
Madonna, aka The Material Girl, recently bought some shiny new materials. Shu Umeura, a popular make-up and skincare brand, sold Madonna $20,000 diamond-encrusted eyelash extensions. While these aren't exactly discrete or demure, the lashes are a nice touch for Madonna and complement her sparkly and over-the-top personality.
The Eternal Diamond Stilettos
The House of Borgezie, a famous shoe-brand, has recently decided to focus more on their incredibly rich, shoe-loving clientele. This particular target customer would be sure to spend at least $155,000 on a pair of gold and diamond-encrusted stilettos. Called The Eternal Diamond Stilettos, this pair of shoes was birthed on the concept anyone rich enough will want a pair of shoes covered in diamonds. That's 2,200 diamonds to be precise adorning these Eternal Diamond Stilettos. The entire pair contains a whopping 30 carats.

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Craziest Use Of Diamonds By The Rich And Famous

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