Business Ideas You Can Set Up Immediately

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There is a business idea inside of everyone just waiting to burst out. However, many people don’t ever realise that it is there, while others give thought to it but never act on it. For some, this leads to a lifetime of regrets and what ifs, although others are simply able to move on, focus on whatever it is they’re doing in their lives at a given time, and forget about it.
Starting a business would be much simpler if you could get started right away, and didn’t have to give things too much thought. The thing is, there are business opportunities like that. Here are some business ideas that you could go away and start immediately after reading this article.

By Alex Osterwalde

Online Services

The number of online services platforms there are for companies and freelancers makes this a no-brainer. It will take you five minutes to set up an account in most cases, and you’re immediately set up for attracting clients and placing proposals for projects.
This will get you started and allow you to make money while you try to establish a website and start to grow a presence through social media and other platforms.

Household Jobs

Brian Scudamore has been one of the most talked about names in the entrepreneurial world in recent weeks. He has made himself millions by removing rubbish from homes, and is now moving onto home decorating. The point of Scudamore’s ventures is that he’s targeting things that people don’t like doing.
It is perhaps the most simple, yet brilliant, intuitive, and staring you in the face blindingly obvious, business idea there has been in years. There are many websites where you can offer to do even the most menial of jobs; if people passionately don’t want to do things, they’ll happily pay someone else to do it.
Whether it’s gardening, decorating, washing the car, or something else, it doesn’t matter. If people dislike doing something, there’s money to be made doing it for them!

Being a Trader

Thanks to websites like eBay, we can now all be an entrepreneur at the drop of a hat. While you’ll need to cater for any changes in your tax situation as a result of starting to buy and sell for a living, you’ll find it is an exciting way to generate revenues.
You could begin by going in your attic right now and listing things for sale, before heading to second hand stores with your profits and reinvesting them. If you really want to ‘go big’ with your entrepreneurship, then you could look to start buying and selling used cars.
You’ll need a little more money to get started, and make sure you take care of things like motor trade insurance with XYZ, but it could be your ticket to a dream lifestyle.

Get Started Now

The way we live in the modern world means it is easy to get started with a business almost as soon as you have the idea. If there’s something in your head, what are you waiting for?
Dale is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns five businesses offering business services across online platforms, and one that he uses for buying and selling vintage furniture. Dale was stuck in a rut before opening his first business, and hopes that his story can inspire others who find themselves in a similar situation.

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Business Ideas You Can Set Up Immediately

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