5 Trends In Architecture

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Architecture is facing exciting times with the new use of environmentally friendly materials making their way into the field and people demanding more sustainable yet practical solutions.
There is a lot of innovation taking place in this field and new trends are constantly emerging. Here are five of the most current trends in architecture.

1. Energy And Water Efficiency


The biggest trend in architecture at the moment is its quest for energy and water efficient solutions. It is really important for both construction companies and consumers that buildings are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.
This trend is showing both in the materials used in the building as well as in the solutions the building uses. For instance one big trend is adding systems to catch and use rainwater as well as looking for alternative energy solutions such as solar power.

2. Conversion Buildings

Rehabbed CCP Holden building

The change in the high street has meant that a lot of old buildings used for shops and manufacturing purposes are being converted to answer the demand for city centre homes.
This means a lot of great opportunities for architecture and there are a lot of really innovative project on going to do these conversions. Old buildings also mean some challenges for the architecture to ensure the house remains functional for its new purposes.

3. Natural Colours

Leicester : Colourful building
Natural colours have been a favourite among architectures for quite awhile now and this is unlikely to go away any time soon. But the current natural colours aren’t necessarily the same shades of white and beige anymore.
The current trend is more towards neutral and natural shades of blue and grey. These are used a lot in buildings both inside and outside. The blue is even starting to develop a hint of purple in it to make it a refreshing and vibrant colour to use.
There are also different shades of yellow starting to make their way into buildings. Certain shades of yellow go very well with the blue and so this combination is most likely going to become trendier.

4. Use Of Natural Light

SkyPark Building

The latest designs are also paying a lot of attention to natural light. This is of course important in order to increase the amount of energy saved in the buildings as well as improve the wellbeing of people.
Natural light is also really important in things like helping school children focus and achieve better results and thus architecture is now paying extra attention to natural light.
One way natural light is being incorporated into buildings is the use of ETFE roofs as a building material. This is a see-through and lightweight material and a big favourite among architects. For more ETFE roof information check out Vector Foiltec.

5. Community Gardens

Gardens Residents' Association Community Garden

Another big environmental trend in architecture is the use of communal gardens. These are being incorporated in public and private buildings. Houzz reports they are especially a favourite among city building projects, providing a touch of nature to city dwellers.
Community gardens are a great way to increase sustainable living as well as enhance human interaction within a neighbourhood. They provide a lot of health benefits and although they require a constant upkeep they can end up saving costs in the long run.

Martha is into buildings and design and loves to learn new things about her favourite buildings. Her favourite era was the Victorian period and she dreams of getting her own Victorian house one day.

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5 Trends In Architecture

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