5 Must Haves For Any Pair Of Sunglasses

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When the time comes to buy a new pair of sunglasses, do not forget the basics. There are five must-have tips for finding an excellent pair of shades. The right sunglasses are able to:
Protect against the Sun
Almost everyone knows now that sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays, which can be hard on the skin, causing sunburn, premature aging, and wrinkles. What does that have to do with the eyes? Everything. Today’s sunglasses technology makes it possible to have protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Even in a part of the world without 365 days of bright and sunny weather, the sun still shines every day, and that takes its toll on your eyesight. Constant squinting causes wrinkles, eyestrain, and gradually weakens the ability to see. By wearing sunglasses, both outside and in the car, you prevent the sun’s rays from beating down on your eyes. So when looking for a pair of designer sunglasses such as the Ray Bans Aviators, don’t forget the basics. The first goal of any pair of sunglasses is to keep away the sun.
Make a Fashion Statement
Here, the Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses hardly need any additional explanation. They have long been the pinnacle of style, with their many colours, 150+ designs, and long tradition of having the perfect cool factor, even before there was a cool factor. For a business man, matching the suit with the tie and the Ray Ban sunglasses will emphasize the power element behind his classic look, and visually set himself up for success. While there are plenty of other sunglasses out there, these are the ones to turn to for the best in designer fashion.

Have the Right Frame
The right frames skew towards metal or carbon fiber, but even a beautiful pair of plastic frames speak of cheapness and a lack of reliability. Metal frames are less likely to suffer accidental damage, and are much easier to fix if it does happen. They can be pounded back into shape from mishaps which would be unfixable for a plastic frame. Carbon fiber is noted for its strength and durability as well, and has certain advantages over metal frames. The biggest advantage is that these frames are lightweight, and flexible, offering a superior level of comfort.
Match your Personality
This quality cannot be emphasized enough. Each person knows intuitively what their “look” is. Find the sunglasses which suit that “look” and those will be the right sunglasses, hands down. There are a vast number of ways a pair of sunglasses can be fitted alongside the human face, and only so many of them will look right for the customer. The wrong fit can turn even an otherwise perfect pair of glasses into a mistake but the right look corrects for the smaller flaws every time.
Be Priced Perfectly
This final tip comes at the request of your wallet. A super cheap pair of sunglasses will not give you the fashionable appearance or protection that a designer pair can bring, but remember that with the most expensive pairs of sunglasses, you are really buying a name more than sun protection.

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5 Must Haves For Any Pair Of Sunglasses

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