Pictures Of Historical Moments

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Mark Twain inside the lab of Nikola Tesla, 1894

Armstrong after a walk on the moon.

Louis Armstrong playing for his wife in front of the Sphinx of Giza, 1961
Soviet soldiers take a break to watch the acrobatic show on the march to Berlin 1945
Hungarian Revolution of 1956
Japanese archers, 1860-1900
The bombing of the city of Kobe in Japan, 1945
Joseph and Magda Goebbels, the day of their wedding. Behind is Hitler as a witness, 1931
Samurai, 1860-1880
Feds inspect the truck for alcohol during prohibition in the United States, Los Angeles, 1926
Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan in a tent, October 3, 1862
Adolf Hitler looking at a new gun "Gustav" 1942
Martin Luther King removes a burned cross in front of his house, 1960
Trio Kennedy in the middle of the 30th - John, Bobby and Teddy
First picture from space, 1946
The opening of the subway in New York City, 1904

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Pictures Of Historical Moments

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