Holiday Happiness: 5 Amazing Places To Take Your Family On Vacation

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Holidays are a magical time for children and families. There’s something about travelling away with those you love that makes a simple getaway that much more special. But, as anyone who’s travelled with kids knows, you need to pick the right destination because, if you don’t, you’ll be hearing cries of “I’m bored” every minute of the day – and want to leave your holiday as soon as you’ve arrived.
On that note, here are five amazing places that will please your whole family, kids included. Happy travels!     
Disneyland, USA
Disneyland California Adventure Night 1

It’s a cliché, granted, but there’s a reason why year after year kids beg their parents to take them to the home of Disney. A variety of rides and exhibits, as well as parades and resorts, will keep the kids entertained, and there’s plenty of stuff for adults, too. If you want an awesome place that knows how to keep kids happy, Disneyland is a serious contender.
Alternatively, if your children are just demanding more, more, and more, take them to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. With much more to explore, they’ll go nuts for days – leaving you to explore the beauty of the beaches nearby. Bliss.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The picturesque Scandinavian city of Copenhagen has a surprisingly wide array of offerings for the younger traveller. You could take one of the many guided walking tours of the places where Han Christian Andersen wrote his famous fairytales, as well as marvel at the city’s statue of the Little Mermaid. The Tivoli Gardens has carnival rides as well as plenty of open space for a picnic. Be sure to check out Legoland, to help your budding builders let off some creative steam.


Fiji’s tourism industry prides itself on being a child-friendly island escape. Most resorts offer complementary childminding services (occasionally with a 1:1 ratio) and restaurants and cafes have a solid reputation for accommodating children with ease. As for what you do while you’re there; relax, of course! Spend your time enjoying each other’s company against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Bay

Tokyo is a fast and fun city, but its combination of crazy technology and kitsch makes it an excellent place to bring children. Visit the home of Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland, an experience complete with a museum and activities. You can also take a trip to the observatory, where you can see all the way out to Mount Fuji on a clear day. Above all else, the sights and sounds of this incredible city should be enough to keep your little ones entertained each day.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House

It’s one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and with such a focus on the outdoors, Sydney is an excellent place to have a holiday with children. Visit the city’s amusement park, Luna Park or take a ferry up to Manly Beach or the zoo. Walk along the Harbour Bridge, or explore the city’s array of national parks. With plenty of sights to see out on the water, your kids will have a blast.
Lucy Ward is a student from Sydney. From Christian youth camps to amusement parks, she thinks that there’s no reason for kids to ever be bored when on holiday.

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Holiday Happiness: 5 Amazing Places To Take Your Family On Vacation

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