Add Value To Your Indoor Play Facility With Fiberglass Animals

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Fiberglass sculptures are a famous type of art and craft which is desirable for the decoration 

of indoor as well as outdoor settings, theme parks, resorts, aqua parks etc. They are quite cost 

effective and make a play facility an exciting and thrilling place for children and they can play 

and learn with great enthusiasm. 

Fiberglass sculptures offer an affordable theme to the indoor play facility. The fiber glass 

sculptures are often hand crafted or made from scratch and they may be in the form of 3D 

models or paintings etc.  These sculptures turn the indoor playgrounds into an entertainment 

place for the family. Fiber glass sculptures come in great variety and are installed in a 

playground with respect to the theme:

Jungle theme fiberglass animals

The molds of the fiberglass animals are crafted by hand, after which the statues are 

polished and painted manually again. The end products exhibit fine and excellent skill and 

craftsmanship. These are one of the biggest enhancements of the jungle theme playground. 
Ocean theme fiberglass animals

A number of sea animals are included in the ocean themed sculptures such as whales, sharks, 

fishes and other sea creatures, even there are sculptures of mermaids and pirates. These 

remarkable statues give the real appearance of ocean in a thrilling ocean themed play facility.

Cartoon figures

A number of well-known cartoon figures are also made through fiberglass such as Mickey 

mouse, Donald duck, Buzz light year etc.

Holiday themed sculptures

The play facility may be organized with fiberglass sculptures according to the respective 

holidays such as that of Christmas, Halloween etc. and then there will be respective sculptures 

in the play facility such as Santa, pumpkins etc. 

Movie and game figures

There are also fiberglass statues developed on the basis of popular games and movies. These 

statues reveal the best craftsmanship and strongly attract the customers to the play facility. 

Themed fiberglass furniture

Fiberglass furniture is also designed according to the inspiration of jungle and ocean animals. 

Their presence creates an exciting and fun space in the play facility. 

It is very important to preserve the sculpture after being developed and installed. Regular 

inspection should be conducted so that early warning signs of failure like discoloration and 

degradation can be diagnosed. The future owner (the owner of the play facility) should know 

about the products employed in the sculptures and this information should be preserved in 

records to facilitate any potential conservation or restoration.


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Add Value To Your Indoor Play Facility With Fiberglass Animals

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