Tibetan Mastiff Kills Six-Year-Old Girl

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A man holds up his Tibetan mastiff as they perform on stage during a dog beauty contest in Shenyang. Phote: Reuters
Dogs may be man’s best friend but they can also be a dangerous enemy - as recent tragedies involving attacks by large dogs in China show.

A girl was killed by a Tibetan mastiff in a northern city of China on Thursday evening. When the six-year-old was on her way to a grocery store on a street in Dalian, the dog knocked her down and bit her neck. The girl was rushed to hospital, but died from severe injuries to her trachea and arteries, leaving her mother deeply distraught, the Bandao Daily reported.
Some weeks ago, an eight-year-old girl was also attacked by a Tibetan mastiff in a village in China’s Shanxi province. Fortunately, she was saved by a villager and has been recovering in hospital, Taiyuan Evening News reported.

The Tibetan mastiff is a large dog, which can be as tall as 32 inches and weigh up to 180 pounds. They can be aggressive. In recent years, because it is quite rare and expensive to buy, Tibetan mastiffs have become a popular pet for many rich Chinese. The dogs have also been smuggled into Hong Kong for wealthy buyers.

Cases of ferocious attacks by large dogs have been frequently reported in China, although raising these sorts of dogs are banned in many cities.

Commenting on the issue, one Weibo user said: “It is not the dogs’ fault, but the owners’. They should always keep an eye on their dogs."

“When we fight for animal rights, we should also ask for stricter dog regulations,” commented another.

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Tibetan Mastiff Kills Six-Year-Old Girl

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