Most Shocking Anatomical Museums In The World

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Museum Vrolik 
Perky Museum Museum Vrolik (Amsterdam, Netherlands) was founded by father and son VrolikamiTranslated from the Anglo-Dutch word "vrolik" means "full of life", for this reason, the museum received such a strange nameGerardas Vrolik,and William Vrolik were professors of medicine and engaged in the study ofmutations in humans. They have a huge collection of mutations, which eventuallyturned into a museum. As exhibits are Siamese twins, children cyclops, two-headed monster. Monsters-mutants of various stripes make a lasting impression on visitors.

 The Human Body Exhibition 
The exhibition The Human Body Exhibition, or exhibition of the human bodywas exhibited for the first time in Florida in 2005 and has since been held in manycities around the worldGeography exhibition more than impressive: Winnipeg, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Atlanta, Vienna, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Niagara Falls (Ontario), Bogota, Cordoba, Barcelona, Cincinnati, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo , Prague, Bratislava, Sofia, Zagreb, Budapest, Belgrade, Lisbon, Atlantic City, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, San Antonio, Washington, Omaha, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Sacramento, Tucson, Cleveland , Seattle, Detroit, Riga, Warsaw, Puerto Rico, Ljubljana, and Boise, Haifa, as well as Houston, Tegucigalpa, San Salvador (El Salvador), Bucharest, London.

 As the exhibits used embalmed human bodythe prepared so as to show on the one hand the complexity of the human body, and on the other hand, to show itsbeauty and harmony. How beautiful it looksjudge for yourself. It should be notedthat people whose bodies are on display as exhibits during his lifetime gave written consent for the use of their bodies after death as drugs. All who liked theshow, are in place to make a posthumous testament to fill up the exposure anddeath.
 Cabinet of Curiosities in St. Petersburg 
Cabinet of Curiosities in St Petersburg Ball was founded in 1714 on the orders of Peter 1. In the cabinet of curiosities collected more than a million artifacts. Earlierexhibits used for scientific purposesit is now - it's only museum of humanmutations and deformitieswhere visitors can see firsthand the incrediblemetamorphosis that nature does to human fleshIt is said that in addition to the so-called "freak show", this museum is famous for numerous exhibits that tell thehistorical past of many peoples of the world.

 Parasitological museum in Meguro 
Parasitological museum in Meguro (Tokyo, Japan) was founded sixty years ago by Dr. Svturo KamegaiThe doctor began to collect artifacts demonstrating thatparasites can do with a person in the case of neglecting hygiene regulations. The museum was founded shortly after the war, when the epidemic and diseasedamage was applied to Japanese society comparable to the effects of hostilities.

 Museum human body in Netherlands 
The museum was created twelve years. The collection took twenty-seven milliondollars. The building is located within the layout of a giant man, so it is possible to freely walk in and get acquainted with the structure and operation of the organs and systems of the human bodyMuseum staff necessarily have medical education and effectively respond to all kinds of questions from visitorsIf you wish to improve their knowledge of human anatomy, the human body museum in the Netherlands - the perfect place for that.

 Plastinarium (Plastinarium) 
Museum "Plastinarium" (Houben, Germany) opened a small town on the borderwith Poland. Museum organized Gunther von Hagens, nicknamed "Dr. Death." As exhibits, he uses the corpses of people bought, is among the exhibits and the corpses of executed prisonersBefore becoming artifacts of the body are treatedin a special way, bringing them out of the fat and water are removed, their placeis replaced by the structure of a substance resembling plastic. In the museum you can find a variety of sculptures of dead bodies. So you can see the sculpturalcomposition where the corpses are playing cards or jump on a horse. Visit the museum creates a two-fold sense: many visitors to the museum can not standwhat he saw pageantry and lose consciousness, some seen and admired the genius doctor said.

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Most Shocking Anatomical Museums In The World

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