Top 10 Most Powerful Beings

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1.Oribatid mite:
The strongest creature on Earth is armored mites, which can be found at your nearest garden. This tiny creature can withstand the weight in 1180 times greater than its own.It’s just that if a man could lift 82 tons.

2.Dung beetle
This beetle can lift the weight,the equivalent weight of six double-decker buses,that is 1141 times its own weight.Dung beetles vary greatly in size from 1 mm to 6 cm in length.Scarab type, constituting 10% of all beetles.He worshiped the ancient Egyptians,that his work is the embodiment of the movement of the sun.

The jaws of this insect can bite off part of the leaf, which weighed 50 times the weight of their bodies. Anyway,that if the man raised the subject weighing 2.5 tons.Y these insects alone from most complex relations in world each group responsible behind definite process.

.... 4.Gorilla :
The gorilla can lift the weight 10 times more than its own. Males reach 1.75 m in height and weigh up to 200 kg.Females almost in half less.Gorilla live till 50 years.The word “gorilla” comes from the Greek “gorillai”,which means “tribe of hairy women.Like humans, gorillas have individual fingerprints.

5.The African crowned eagle:
The first and only a bird in the list of the ten most powerful animals.In flight he may bear booty weighing until 16 kg, ie quadrupled more own weight.This is a powerful and aggressive predator that kills monkeys,and even small antelope.Span its wings makes almost 2 meters. It can be five months building its huge nest,mate only once in two years.

The sixth stage of the hit parade of “most powerful” we have achieved through Zydrunas Savickas the most powerful man in the world who can lift weight in excess of his own half.Savickas, 34, his height 1,9 meters.

They can make the weight at twice their own – about 540 kg.The average length of a tiger from the nose to the tip of the tail 3,3 m, weight 300 kg.And despite its weight and size, they can accelerate the speed to 64 km / hour.Beat tiger powerful enough to smash the skull of a cow.

They can raise a different weight, and they themselves are not a lightweight.They can raise up to 9 tons, 1.7 times the weight of their own body.These are the largest mammals on earth,they live to 70 years. The biggest elephant in the history of a growth in 4,2 meters.At birth they weigh 120 kg.

Ox can overpower the weight, and a half times its own about 900 kg.Typically, cattle are used only for pulling heavy objects.Usually, they are united in pairs.

At birth, a grizzly bear weighs only 0.5 kg,and in adulthood already all 550 kg. Standing on its hind legs,the grizzly is almost 2.5 meters in height.They can run at speeds of 54 km / h,but the uphill run faster,than the mountains because of the distribution of muscles. Outside grizzly bears live to 30 years.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Beings

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