Send A Scent With Your MessageVia iPhone App - Video

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An application that enables you to send smells through iPhones with an attachable device has recently surfaced, creating quite a buzz on the net. Developed by Chaku Perfume, the new ‘Chat Perf’ device, which plugs into the iPhone’s charger port, includes an atomizer and a smell tank that can send a smell to another iPhone user with the same device in a puff of spray.
A representative for Chat Perf, still in its infancy stage, says there are endless possibilities for the application, including the possibility to, “receive the sweat smell of your favorite idol during a concert, fans caught up in the moment would go wild!” (this is an actual quote).

Taking into consideration just how many different body odors there are, suddenly it starts to dawn on you exactly what this technology would be like in the wrong hands….

As mentioned, the product is still in its infancy stage but may hit the app market as early as this fall. Just one catch: You can’t actually choose the scents you send, only smells that are in the Chat Perf device connected to your friend’s phone.

If you wanted to send them a different smell each time, you would have to send them a different Chat Perf ‘attachment’, an update that would cost $62.25 each! It appears Chat Perf might still have a little way to go.

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Send A Scent With Your MessageVia iPhone App - Video

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