Outstanding Award Winning Photos Around The World

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This mountain lion’s favorite spot is a large rock formation where he rests in the late afternoon.I waited patiently until he stared directly at me.

This photo was taken three miles west off the coast of Dominica.The whale is a member of a pod of about 50 sperm whales that live there.His name is Scar.Andrew Armour has befriended the whale and is pictured with him.

 I’m sure this military drill was a wonder to see in its rapid fire execution.But it is another wonder to see when held still in this photograph.Preparation,precision,and timing all coming together so wonderfully.

Minneriya National Park,Sri Lanka.

The photograph was shot at the Kolkata zoo.

Kobe the polar bear out for a swim at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson,Arizona.At first I thought the glaring sun on the water was going to ruin the picture.What a surprise.

For photo of Northern Harriers,Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge,UT.

Pairs of gannets were building nests atop a viewing shelter.It was a great opportunity to capture artistic images with high key sky backgrounds as I did in this photo of a male passing nesting material to his mate.

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Outstanding Award Winning Photos Around The World

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