National Geographic Traveler Photo Competition

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Chanterelle fennek going against the wind in Morocco.

Lighthouse in the UK
Pilgrim of Varansi, India
The lake in the crater of the volcano Segara Anak Indonesia
A flock of 12-14 hyenas pursuing a herd of elephants from 7-8 individuals. In a herd includes two adult females, a few teenagers and a newborn baby elephant. The photo shows the elephant that drives the hyenas.
Sunset at the top of the mountain Lao Zhi on the River Lee in Guangxi province, China.
In the morning, the air is so cold that drops sap freeze on the fly, turning into amber beads. Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Iceberg off the island of South Georgia in the Antarctic.
Tigers in the Tiger Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.
This is not a picture, it's coat hanging on the wall. A "moon" - is a nail.
Bison. Montana, USA
The view from the hotel window in the San Blas in Cusco.
Seattle, United States
New Taipei City
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Mothers bat and her cub. Israel

Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Cappadocia, Turkey
Volcano in Chile
Before the storm. Montana, USA
Cowboy. Real. Montana, USA
Pergamon, Greece
White shark. Gansbaai, South Africa
This church was built about 200 years ago on the banks of the river Hemavati in India. 25 years ago, a dam was built and since then the monsoons flood the church and gradually destroy it.
Spring Lake Vättern, Sweden

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National Geographic Traveler Photo Competition

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