Most Impressive Balanced Stones In The World

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Balanced Rock,Colorado,USA:
The huge balanced rock known as,er,Balanced Rock can be found in the Garden of the Gods,a Registered National Natural Landmark located near Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs,Colorado.The rock looms over a paved access road that provides an excellent view hopefully,not the last view an unlucky driver ever see.

The photo above highlights the layers of sandstone that make up Balanced Rock while accentuating the narrow base that has weathered away over the eons,partially freeing the boulder of harder red sandstone from its imprisoning matrix of softer stone.

According to Wally Hayes, a first-time visitor to Balancing Rock, “I was even more awestruck when I approached for a closer view and could look under the rock through a narrow horizontal crack and see the ocean beyond.

The karst stone towers of El Torcal de Antequera have evolved terraces of limestone over which tourists can ascend like stairs in order to get up close & personal with the rocks. Climbing further is NOT recommended,however Darwin has provided enough examples in the reserve without your becoming another one.

Unlike Ralston’s nemesis in an underground canyon,Kjeragbolten is lodged high up on Kjerag.How high?Those who are brave enough to walk across the boulder(and yes,this is allowed) can easily view the valley floor about 1,000 meters (over 3,000 feet) below.For sheepish hikers especially,the admonition“don’t look down” was never so appropriate.

As hard and dense as granite may be,given enough time even the hardest specimens will be reduced to sand and sediment.Peyro Clabado is on its way to that fate,but for a brief moment in geological time we’re privileged to observe this 780-ton rock perform an exquisitely delicate balancing act.

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Most Impressive Balanced Stones In The World

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