Airport Translation Fails

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Thats Where Sloth Is Hiding!

 Exchange For What
In This Picture: Photo of an English translation fail at the airport

Duly Noted

Thats Pretty Ambiguous


When You Suddenly Get The Beer Shits

When You Suddenly Get The Beer Shits

Thanks For The Warning
 Thanks For The Warning

As In Your Youngster

 Thats One Way Of Putting It

 Will Do Thanks!

Hannibal Lectors Favorite Place

 I Am Thanks Of Your Helping

Aka DJ Qualls Bathroom

Made For Paris Hilton

They Know Where Their Priorities Are

 As Opposed To...

 What About Lazy

This Includes You RuPaul 

Well There Is A Pin Involved

Not A Typo

For Fire Fyders

 Or Is It The Other Way Around

Good To Know
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Airport Translation Fails

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