Animal Prosthetics

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While in the wild, animals can get hurt in a number of different ways, be that a disease or an accident, getting harmed by a human or larger predators, or any other. However, now more and more centers worldwide are applying mechanisms to help the animals recover from the injury and live as normal of a life as possible. Check out some inspiring examples of the how people have helped the animals by fitting them with a prosthetic needed!
This bald eagle, named Beauty, was shot by a poacher. After three years a group of volunteers made her a prosthetic beak, which was a key to her survival: an eagle, which has to be hand-fed, is eventually euthanized, and Beauty was once again able to grasp food herself. Via — Link

Motala the Elephant 
Motala, aged 50, lost a foot after he stepped on a land mine. Luckily, Thailand is the one country in the world with an elephant hospital running, and dedicated workers could take care of Motala. Via — Link
In the picture below, you can see Motala, age 50, who lost his foot after stepping on a land mine. Thanks to the dedicated workers at the elephant hospital located in Lampang, Thailand, the elephant received a new prosthetic leg.
Fuji the Dolphin
Due to a necrotic disease, 75% of Fuji’s fin had to be amputated. It was the Bridgestone company, one of the largest manufacturers of tires, that created a silicone replacement for Fuji, making her the first dolphin with a prosthetic fin. Via — Link
Riley’s leg bone began to deteriorate due to a contaminated metal plate that was inserted. Due to the injury, the mare had to be put down, but the sanctuary staff decided to try a pioneering operation, which gave Riley an artificial limb and saved her life. Via — Link
Tuly the Tortoise
While hibernating, Tuly had her leg chewed off by a rat. It was saved by fitting a toy tractor’s wheel to it.
Via — Link
Oscar the Cat
A passer-by found Oscar injured by a combine harvester; as advised by a local vet, the owner of the cat from Jersey contacted a doctor in England, and after lots of x-rays being sent back and forth, the cat had two prosthetic legs fitted, as well as a rehab in the UK before coming back home. Via — Link
Cassidy the Dog
Cassidy was found wondering in streets, underweight and missing a leg: after one family decided to adopt and take care of the dog, they found a facility that could create a prosthetic limb, making Cassidy the first dog to receive such treatment. Via — Link
Uzonka the Stork
Uzonka was injured by an unknown person, and had to undergo 5 preparatory surgeries, before it could have a prosthesis attached to its bill. Via — Link

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Animal Prosthetics

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