Hyper-Realistic Paintings - By Pedro Campos

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With their sharp lines, clear colors and distinct shapes, these images look like the work of a gifted photographer. But looking closer will show that these are actually oil paintings done by Spanish fine artist Pedro Campos.

Mr Campos makes his stunning 'hyper-realistic' creations using just a canvas, oil paint and paint brushes. And the outstanding results has galleries and the public left reeling with astonishment. Concentrating on every day subjects, the artist's bright pieces are striking, glossy and have a sharp attention to detail. Mr Campos' attention to the tiniest of details - from the curve of an ankle, to the shadow on a wall, to the shine of a plastic bag, gives his creations a truly magical, realistic effect.

The artist chooses to focus on everyday subjects to make his pictures even more interesting. Mr Campos' artistic foundations began in nightclubs - he started decorating bars and restaurants when he was younger, and also worked for advertising agencies as an illustrator. He studied art restoration in Madrid, working on furnishings, paintings and sculpture. But from the age of 30, he finally began oil painting and developed a portfolio as a fine artist.

The clarity of his work is in high demand. He is represented by the Plus One Gallery in Pimlico, Central London. The artist honed his skills studying art restoration, and now can produce these works that mimic life beautifully. Now let's take a look at some more realistic painting by Mr. Pedro Campos...


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Hyper-Realistic Paintings - By Pedro Campos

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